Taking a “Swig” of Edmond’s new soda shop


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Edmond’s new hit soda shop is adding a variety of flavorful drink options to the town.

Hailey Paddock, Co-Editor-in-Chief

From Saint George, Utah, to Edmond, Oklahoma, Swig has made its way across the country. This soda shop has a variety of drinks for anyone from soda and lemonades to Revivers (energy drinks) with each one having its own peculiar name such as Big Booty Judy. The craze for Swig started the week before the official opening on Jan. 27, when they were handing out free drinks, and the line has yet to shorten.

When first looking at the menu, the combinations seem peculiar. Dr. Pepper with vanilla, strawberry puree and coconut cream (the Spring Fling) may seem unusual, but it turned out to be one of the best drinks I’ve had. I was drawn back in to try a few other drinks and waited in the dreadful 30-minute-long line. The wait was well worth it because the next drink I tried, The Founder, was even better than the first. This was a combination of diet coke, sugar-free coconut, fresh lime and coconut cream. As a vegan, the usage of coconut cream instead of half and half in drinks truly makes this place one of my favorites. There is even a selection for non-soda drinkers; they have lemonade drinks, such as the Beach Bum (light lemonade, guava, grapefruit and fresh orange) and The Tropic (light lemonade, mango, passion fruit and vanilla cream), along with many refreshers. 

There are only a few complaints I have regarding Swig, and the first one is the Ride or Die Reviver (Red Bull, peach, pineapple and coconut cream). The flavors did not mesh well together and tasted like a mediocre energy drink. I have yet to try a different reviver, but the ones that include sprite or lemonade seem like they would add flavor to the drink. Another issue that I have come across is when ordering the Unlucky Ducky, they forgot the most exciting part of the drink: the gummy shark. This was a major disappointment because the shark is included in the recipe and was honestly the only reason for ordering. The last problem I dealt with was that the popping boba burst before it even went through the straw. I wasn’t sure if they just gave me the wrong size straw or if they even offer a larger one, but this ruined the point of buying the boba drink.

Overall Swig is a hit in Edmond. They have been open for over a week now and the line is still around 20 cars long at all times and can be up to an hour wait. It is nice to have more options when going out just to buy a drink and not be limited to a coffee shop or a gas station anymore. I hope I won’t have to wait an hour in line to receive a drink forever, but it’s understandable for how busy it is. If one has the time, it’s definitely worth trying out a new drink.


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