Super Bowl LVII was magical


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Super Bowl LVII was the third appearance for the Kansas City Chiefs and the fourth for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ryan White, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting days of the year in the United States. Every year, two teams compete in the final game of the season in the National Football League (NFL). This year Super Bowl LVII was held in Glendale, Arizona, at the State Farm Stadium.

Super Bowl LVII was one for the record books. Starting off, Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs became the first set of African American quarterbacks starting on both teams in a Super Bowl. On the field, Travis Kelce, who is the starting tight end for the Chiefs, and Jason Kelce who is the starting center for the Eagles, are the first set of siblings to have ever played each other in the Super Bowl. Their mother, Donna Kelce, was seen at the Super Bowl wearing both of her sons’ jerseys, making it a win-win situation for her in the end. Although this year’s Super Bowl was unbelievable, there were some lowlights at the event as well.

Since the announcement of Super Bowl LVII’s location at State Farm Stadium, the executives of the stadium hired a group of individuals at Oklahoma State University to develop and prepare the grass for the game. The grass that was used for the Super Bowl is called Tahoma 31, and during the big game, many players were seen switching cleats because of the very slippery and unorthodox grass. This has caused many to question whether it was even necessary to make the grass and maybe should have just the stadium’s original grass. 

Heading into the matchup, the Eagles and Chiefs were evenly ranked. Both were the highest seeded team in their respective conferences, and both had the two best records coming into the playoffs. The Eagles had the best defense in the league coming into the match, and the Chiefs had the number one offense.

The game itself was a nail biter until the end. The Chiefs were down by 14-24 heading into halftime but eventually came back, leading 28-27 in the fourth quarter. The Eagles and Chiefs both scored again on their offensive drives, ultimately tying the game back up at 35-35.

The Chiefs had the ball for the last drive and made it all the way down to the 25 yard line. Mahomes threw the ball too far outside for wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster to catch. After the play was over, one of the referees threw a controversial flag on the field and called pass interference on Eagles safety James Bradberry. This call led to a first down, where the Chiefs ran down the clock to four seconds and kicked a 25 yard field goal to win the game 38-35. 

Many analysts and fans of the Eagles said that the pass interference call on Bradberry was not the right call and posted memes on social media saying that the “Refs won the Super Bowl.” This was to poke fun at the referees who many thought helped the Chiefs win the game. 

Mahomes was awarded the Super Bowl MVP, and head coach of the Chiefs Andy Reid won his second Super Bowl ring against his old team. 

Both teams had great seasons and played one of the greatest Super Bowl games of all time. Hopefully next year’s Super Bowl will live up to the hype like this year’s did. 

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