Swimmers streamline to the finish


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The Memorial swim team made a splash during the championship season.

Bridget Nye, Managing Editor

The 2023 spring semester is in full swing at Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS), and the whole school is bustling with activities and achievements. Students are hard at work studying for classes and supporting their fellow Bulldogs, including cheering on our talented winter sports teams. The basketball teams are dribbling through the season, and the wrestlers are finishing their time on the mat. The EMHS Varsity Swim team is no exception by making waves at their state meet. 

This season, the swim teams have been practicing every day to improve their strokes, including over the break and other days off from school. Nothing can keep these Bulldogs from the water. They know that every practice is vital, and they need to stick with it to see results. 

“Practicing over the break helps keep my times consistent,” junior Kate Clark said. “If I workout with the team, I perform much better than if I don’t.

Back in January, Edmond Public Schools (EPS) had their All City Meet. This meet serves as a tribute to the seniors and celebrates their time in the sport. Most regular season meets have up to 10 schools from various districts competing, but this meet is just the Edmond high schools. EMHS girls won first at this meet for the fourth year in a row, making the seniors proud that they were able to hold the coveted title throughout their entire high school career. 

“I love the All City meet. Every year we swim different things than we are used to, and we have always won. The meet would be fun regardless, but our winning streak really adds to the enjoyment,” senior Grace Long said. 

A few weeks back, EMHS swam at the regionals competition. This meet was incredibly important because to qualify for state, one’s race time had to be in the top 24 in the state. Only the fastest students can continue. The pressure was on for these Bulldogs, but they didn’t let that scare them. They gave it everything they had, and it paid off. Both the girls and boys teams were able to score second place in their respective divisions. Sixteen swimmers were able to swim for the state championship team along with five alternates. This accomplishment is one that these athletes worked all year to earn. 

“Swimming at regionals was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my high school career,” freshman Braden Nieves said. “Qualifying for state as a freshman was also a huge accomplishment for me as I didn’t think I would be able to at the beginning of the year.”

On Feb. 16-18th, EPS held the 6A and 5A state conferences. With schools arriving from all over the state, it was a packed house. The EMHS team was ready to finish out the season strong. That being said, every athlete prepares for the big day differently and freshman Ryan Kent has her race prep routine down to a science. 

“To prepare for the meet, I like to make sure I eat a good meal the night before. My pre-meet breakfast is protein pancakes with Nutella, bacon and fruit. I also make sure I am able to have a good night’s sleep,” Kent said. 

Competing against the fastest swimmers in the state is no easy task, however, the 16 swimmers were ready to make their school proud, and they did just that. Between the individual races and relays, the Bulldogs took eight top placements. Both teams also won fourth place, ranking two spots higher than they were in the earlier months. 

“The teams have improved at a high rate this season. From the beginning of the season, both teams were barely top six, and by the end we were fourth. Boys improved at a much faster rate this year,” Memorial Head Coach Mahlik Davis said. 

This meet will also help plan for the next few years. The coaches will use the season’s results to shape the next set of schedules and goals.

“The results from the state can predict a lot if you know what you’re looking for. Right now, the girls are looking at a top three finish, and the boys have a chance to be a top two team,” Davis said. “While the big hitters are graduating from other schools in the state, ours are still developing in middle school. Once they join, the sky’s the limit.”

The varsity swim team has proved that they have what it takes to be the best. As the group continues to grow in the coming years, they will continue to make their mark on Oklahoma swimming, one yard at a time. 

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