In Love with the new season of “You”


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New season of “You” sparks lots of positive attention from the media.

Grace Swisher, Staff Writer

The fan favorite Netflix original show “You” recently released the first part of the fourth season. Airing on Feb. 9, the season already has a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 63% audience rating. The second part of this season will be released shortly on Mar. 9.

Without spoilers, the premise of the show revolves around a seemingly nice and genuine guy named Joe, who commits vile and inhumane acts. The past seasons have been relatively repetitive as he has a new woman to focus on each time. I was eager to watch the new episodes as it had been left on a cliffhanger last season.

To my surprise, the plot structure had been changed. Instead of Joe becoming obsessed with the girl of his dreams, he has become the victim and the story is focused on this. The theme is still similar to past seasons, as it revolves around murder and it being sort of “whodunit” type of plot. 

This was a nice change to me because I was concerned that the seasons were becoming too similar. With practically all new characters and a new scenery in London, Joe plays fancy with rich snobs and becomes part of the group. 

Joe is framed for a murder, and this time, he didn’t actually commit the crime. However, Joe is not completely innocent and does partake in a bit of mischievousness along the way. At the same time, the anonymous murder framer, anonymous who seems to know Joe’s past, haunts him by sending texts that are all knowing about Joe’s criminal truths.

The viewers know only what Joe knows and follow along as he becomes closer and closer to finding the murder. Joe has also not steered totally clear of love interests; he grows fond of a woman he can peep from the window of his loft, which creates added tension and violence in an unexpected way. 

Overall, I think the audience ratings for the first half of the season were pretty accurate as it is very intriguing to watch. On the contrary, there still feels like something is missing to it as Joe’s entire life as we knew it before is completely gone, and he is no longer the person who holds people captive in a clear box. He appears to try to change this season but cannot completely control himself, making it an interesting watch. 

I am anticipating the rest of the episodes because the cliff hanger on the final episode was very tense. There are so many twists and ends left open, making viewers ready to tune in during March. This season of “You” is new and creative and certainly contains binge-worthy episodes.

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