Mr. and Miss sporting it up


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Katharine Pillow and Brock Coleman are Mr. and Miss All Sport for the year of 2023.

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

Mr. and Miss All Sport captures Edmond Memorial High School’s (EMHS) attention every year when an assembly announces which students have been deemed as Mr. and Miss All Sport. This year’s winners are seniors Katharine Pillow and Brock Coleman. 

Pillow is currently the co-captain of the pom team at EMHS and is well known around the school as a bright and cheery student. Her peers and teachers respect her dedication to not only the sport but her education as well, describing Pillow as hard working, passionate and willing to take any challenge she is faced with. As nominations were opened up to the pom team, the squad decided upon who they felt were worthy of the honor, contributing to Pillow’s win. Pillow expressed that she was among many nominees that she felt were deserving of the win.

“It was a pleasant surprise to win. We all work hard at our sports, and it was an honor just to be nominated,” Pillow said.

The pom coach, Teri Ogle, was excited to hear the news about Pillow’s win at this year’s Mr. and Miss All Sport. Ogle expressed her love for the idea of Mr. and Miss All Sport as a way to celebrate the spectacular athletes at EMHS who work day and night to represent the school. To have her own student from the pom squad win was even more thrilling.

“Katharine is an amazing squad member. She is kind, dedicated and such a hard worker,” Ogle said. 

Coleman is also well known around the school as he is not only the EMHS Student Council president and leader of Dog Pound but also a varsity baseball player (center field). He is recognized as exceeding all expectations of curriculum by not only organizing school events, such as Swine Week, but also as a valuable player on the varsity baseball team. Coleman was ecstatic to learn he was nominated for the position by his team and felt grateful for the opportunity to show representation for baseball. 

“I was excited since this opportunity only happens once a year,” Coleman said. 

JP Holman, Coleman’s baseball coach, had started working at EMHS the same year Coleman was a freshman and has developed a respect for the student for his dedication and motivation to contribute to the school and baseball. Holman felt pride for his student, for this was an amazing achievement in high school. 

“He is Memorial through and through and is the best representative, so we as a program are very proud of him,” Holman said. 

Of course, this is not the end for both of these athletes as they continue to work in their sport they love and set an example for future athletes at EMHS. 

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