The girls track team is breaking records


Miller Davis

Two members from the girls track team take home records.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

The Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) girls track team has been working hard throughout the season, and it has paid off. Countless hours of intense training, which includes regular running and lifting, are needed in order to be capable of beating  records. On February 4th, two members of the team, senior Shannon Briseno and junior Kayvon Nubine, beat indoor records in track, with new scores of 11’2 in pole vault and 8.73 in the hurdles. These events included the indoor pole vault and 60mm hurdles and took place at Oklahoma University in early February.

Beating a record is no easy task, and many hours of preparing are needed to accomplish this. Making a plan and following it through are all vital. Time spent training on the track and off the track is necessary for success. 

“One thing that helped me win the record was all the lifting, running and lots and lots of practice,” Briseno said.  

Accomplishing something as challenging as beating a record, especially with all the effort needed to be put into practice, is extremely rewarding once all that effort pays off, especially since Briseno’s previous coach held the record until she broke it. 

“It made me feel good because I wanted to accomplish something. I’ve wanted to break a record for a long time,” Nubine said. 

Both members knew they would not be able to beat the record overnight and that they needed to work hard day in and day out to win the record. Setting a goal to beat the record and doing whatever it takes to achieve it are all part of the process. 

“Both of them have a lot of determination. They both knew they wanted to break those records, and so they set out just to do it and trusted the process of coming to work everyday to do that,” Track Coach Tyler Sergent said. 

These track members can be an inspiration to the rest of the track team, serving the principle that if one has enough dedication, and stays for the long haul, results will come. 

“I think it’s a good spark. Other girls will see them doing well and want to do the same things,” Sergent said. 

The EMHS girls track team has been succeeding throughout the season, bringing home two new school records. This is just another example of how giving it one’s best leads to success. The amount of effort put in determines the results, and the track team has put in time and effort in order to win.

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