April Fools’ pranks are dead


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April Fools’ day is not used very often since it seems its been around for so long that its become boring.

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

Pranks are at an all time high during April Fools’ day, but it seems that it has not been as prevalent in recent years, which has made it very bland and boring. According to LifeHacker, April Fools’ is considered everyone’s least favorite holiday.

The holiday goes as far back as 1582 on the calendar, but the true origins of the holiday are unknown. April Fools’ seems outdated and does not have the same charm as it did back in the day, but some still do participate in the holiday. 

An example of an April Fools’ prank is placing a fake spider in a corner or scaring a friend around a corner. People could see many of these types of pranks on YouTube back in 2014, but since then, Youtube has banned that form of content. It’s really hard to see whether people are participating in the holiday since no one is allowed to publish videos of pranks done on friends.

Pranks on the internet today include using artificial intelligence to make convincing images and videos known as deepfakes. This is when people on TikTok and YouTube make it so political figures such as President Joe Biden and Donald Trump voices say out of character things. These deepfake videos gained a following as they gained many views, but it is not a joke that people can play this type of prank on friends and family. 

Some companies also enjoy trolling their fanbase on April Fool’s like what Blizzard has been doing for the past four years. On Twitter, Blizzard has been tweeting out fake game updates for their popular game “Overwatch,” and the fans are so excited when this time of year that they think of funny ideas that Blizzard should do. 

Jokes were completely different back when it was not as virtual and fake. Pranks decades ago used to be funny and creative but now have become dull with only a few acceptable pranks. Society should question whether or not to keep the tradition of pranking on April 1. 

The holiday is pointless and does not offer anything for people to be involved in, unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving, and so it should be either removed from everyone’s calendar or be improved on and promoted more often.

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