The new Clean Juice has opened its doors

Edmond welcomes a new  healthy and fresh option for dining, Clean Juice.

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Edmond welcomes a new healthy and fresh option for dining, Clean Juice.

Bryson Dilbeck, Staff Writer

A new juice shop known as Clean Juice has opened in Edmond, located on 1476 South Bryant Ave. less than a mile away from Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS). The company’s website advertises their products as organic and healthy options. Some menu items include smoothies, juice, salads and sandwiches. This is the store’s first location in Edmond and is publicly owned, however, the store’s website shows that their first location opened in 2015.

I ordered a chocolate cherry smoothie, or as the store calls it, “The Chocolate Cherry One.” It tasted well-made and high quality. The two flavors were distinct but complementary, and the ingredients included in the drinks were all organic as the store promised they would be. 

Some of the other flavors for smoothies were “The Tropical One”, “The Chocolate One” and the “So Basic One”. All of these contain a mixture of milk, water or coffee and fruits and/or vegetables. The juices that the store has on their menu are named by color such as “Blue” or “Yellow” and generally includes fruits and vegetables that correlate with the color, an example being the “Yellow” flavor containing lemon.

Along with this, the store also offers dietary plans and cleansing juices. The dietary plans can include a variety of juices, sandwiches, wraps and salads from the store. On the other hand, the cleansing juices can range from beginner juices to 5-day plans. The meal plans, much like the rest of the items the store offers, are organic and include vegan options.

Students of EMHS may be attracted to Clean Juice due to the proximity to the school. However, the high prices might be a reason that keeps people home. The smoothie I bought was about $13 after tax, and some items on the menu, such as the 5-day cleansing juice plan, can run up to $159 before tax. These prices may be a stretch for some, so make sure it is personally affordable beforehand.

Disregarding the price, the smoothie that I ordered was appealing, and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys juice to give it a try. Along with the delicious smoothies, after one’s first order, the customer can receive $5 off on their next purchase if they sign up for their app. Not only is the product of great quality, it also stays true to their word of being a tasty, organic and healthy treat.

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