Top fashion trends of spring ‘23


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New fashion trends are taking over the style of spring.

Grace Swisher, Staff Writer


As  different fashion trends continue to pop up on social media, several have been perceived as far from stylish, while others have been more promising. These are just some of the equally fun clothing trends so far this year. 

1. Lace/mesh shirts

This is a great spring style because of the light and breezy aspect of the material. Anything from a colorful mesh top over a small shirt to lacy tank tops are perfect for the hot weather or as a poolside cover-up. I love how versatile mesh shirts can be, such as dressed up or down, and even worn with a pair of distressed jeans or sleek skirt. 

2. Oversized clothing

Oversized clothing is a popular trend in alternative indie fashion since it allows people to experiment with different textures, patterns, and colors. This style can be both comfortable, interesting to the eyes as it is normally worn with tight pants to contrast. oversized clothing shirts provide a level of comfort, style, and individuality that is unmatched by anything else in a wardrobe. 

3. Vintage clothing

 I appreciate vintage items because they have a unique and timeless aesthetic that is difficult to replicate with modern clothes. Additionally, buying second-hand clothing is a sustainable and eco-friendly option. Shopping at thrift stores can also be nicer to ones wallet, resulting to the best of both worlds. Vintage clothes are like stepping into a different world, one that is full of wonder and intrigue.

4. Cut-out clothing

This is a trend that involves strategically placed holes or cut-outs in clothing, revealing areas of skin or undergarments, creating an edgy and daring look. It also adds versatility to the look by allowing the layering of clothing underneath for different occasions. This inventive trend is worn by celebrities such as the Kardashians and Billie Eilish

5. Bold prints

Animal prints, florals and geometric patterns have been trendy in recent years. These prints create an eye-catching and unique look that only bold prints can be made this way, as well as the combinations of being able to mix and match different prints. This is great because it adds a pop of fun to any outfit and creates a interesting look. 

6. Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion continues to be a growing trend in the fashion industry. People who prioritize sustainability appreciate the ethical and environmentally friendly production practices of these fashion brands, as well as the unique and innovative designs that it can offer. Finding a perfect piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe for a small price is an unbeatable feeling. 

With these new upcoming trends, there is something for everyone. Spring is the season of style. Why not look to spice it up with new fashion?

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