The boys are back in town


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Boygenius has released their first album and are here to stay.

Anna Frazier, Staff Writer

Female indie singers Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker have had similar fans for years. Many listeners group them together, and there is a well-known phenomenon that if a person is a fan of these artists then that person is a fan of all three. In 2018, the artists took advantage of this and started their own band known as Boygenius.

These women are known for their emotional songs that can bring one into another world full of anger and sadness. Teens especially enjoy having music that understands situations they are going through. Whether it is growing up, losing a significant other or simply needing to scream one’s head off, these artists have their listeners’ backs. 

When the band formed, they released a self titled EP full of many enjoyable tracks that had fans yearning for more. After 2018, they disappeared, and there were speculations that they had broken up. On March 31, 2023, Boygenius surprised everyone with a complete album known as “The Record.” It is an amazing mix of songs that captures the talents of all three artists. For every track, one of the singers is the lead, and each lead shows off their unique style of voice and writing. It is wonderful that all of them are included in making this band, and it’s not just about one person.

The album starts off with the song, “Without You Without Them.” This one is interesting because it is mostly acapella. The song doesn’t match the normal vibe of Bridgers, Dacus or Baker, but it proves how well they can sing even without the acoustics in a song. Starting the album with just their voices is a great way to convey who they are.

The next song takes a completely different turn by starting off with an intense guitar strumming. With the name “$20,” this tune is one I could stand up and dance to. The lead singer here is Baker. Her songs are always a little more upbeat but still move people’s hearts in a way that cannot be described. The song ends with her screaming her heart out, having everyone feel the effect of the lyrics. This is by far one of my favorite songs on the album. 

Once the second song ends and the third begins, it is total Bridgers vibes. The name of it is “Emily I’m Sorry,” and it reflects greatly on the feel of the track. This song is the type one listens to on the drive home after breaking up with someone. It can put anyone in their feelings while still being something one can jam to even when they are not upset. I love this one dearly because it brings tears to my eyes.

Next up, one can probably guess who the lead singer is. Dacus takes the stage with “True Blue.” It is another anthem about the hardships of love that will leave someone laying on the floor by the end of the four minutes. Dacus is known for creating songs that will leave chills down one’s spine and this continues that theme.

The next few songs continue the pattern with some strong backup vocals from the other singers, with their voices blending together perfectly, creating satisfying tunes. This whole album will have people sitting down pondering their existence or jamming out to the perfect lyrics and chords. The mix of both make for a grand album that is unforgettable. 

Bridgers, Dacus and Baker are incredible artists that are reaching a bigger audience with these new songs. This is the beginning of something great, and I know I will be sticking around to see what else they have to offer for their three million monthly listeners. 

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