Dirty Dough brings top notch cookies to Edmond

Dirty Dough has Edmond buzzing about their amazing cookies.

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Dirty Dough has Edmond buzzing about their amazing cookies.

Grace Swisher, Staff Writer

Recently added to Edmond on April 1, Dirty Dough is the new and inventive cookie shop that offers a different style of dessert. These cookies are showcased as gooey goodness stuffed with different sweet fillings. Offering one cookie for $4.39 or four for $14.28, they are perfect for one or the whole family. 

I visited the store expecting amazing of cookies as they announced them to be, and I was not disappointed. The store has a 4.9 rating on Google, proving its rising popularity to locals. The first flavor I tried was the “Cookie Monster,” a blue cookie stuffed with regular chocolate chip cookie dough. This treat was served warm, adding to the overall satisfaction of the flavor, and was baked to perfection. I also tried the “Cookie Butter Biscoff,” which was a soft cookie butter flavored treat with actual cookie butter in the middle.

The cookies Dirty Dough offers deliciously sweet flavors, so they are definitely meant for people with a massive sweet tooth. A couple bites of each cookie was enough for me because they are just that rich. 

The shop changes flavors weekly, so if a flavor does not seem appealing, customers can always check back later for something new. They still have their classics sold weekly that never leave the menu like “Stuffed Chocolate Chip,” “Brookie,” “Raspberry Toaster Tart” and “Cookies and Cream.” 

I found the cookie consistency similar to Crumbl in that it was overall thick and and heavy. Both cookies from these places are too sweet but can also quench a craving in a heartbeat. While the prices at Dirty Dough are a little bit cheaper for the amount of cookie you receive, both are still expensive on average. Crumbl also releases weekly flavors, making them a fair competitor to this new addition. 

If one is in Edmond around Spring Creek Plaza, stop by Dirty Dough to grab a fresh, warm treat and enjoy the sweetness. 

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