Edmond Memorial welcomes “Godspell”


Rayan Sawan

The cast of “Godspell” sharing a special moment during the show.

Anna Frazier, Staff Writer

On May 4, 2023, Edmond Memorial High School’s (EMHS) Musical Theatre Performance (MTP) put on the musical “Godspell.” With this being the second year the class has been at EMHS, it is the first time that they performed a show of their own. Last year, MTP did a showcase called “Bulldogs on Broadway.” All of the students came together and chose songs from different musicals to sing for the audience. They were able to decide whether they sang duets or solos, making this a fun experience for those who have a creative side. The drama teacher and director, Patrick Towne, has decided to do “Bulldogs on Broadway” every other year, followed by a musical on the alternating year to make productions easier for everyone. 

“Godspell” was chosen as the MTP performance this year because it is an entertaining production that can involve every student in the classroom. It begins at a protest with the characters arguing, each representing the idea of what sin is. Once the first song was finished, Jesus (Carter Haney) walked into the room to change everyone from sinful to righteous. Everyone who was once wearing black was given bandanas with color, showing that they were baptized and born again. Once colorful the lighting on the set changed to be bright and happy. They ran into the audience singing their hearts out which was an exciting way to start out the night. 

Throughout the show, the cast sang about kindness and how Jesus’ love gave them hope. They continued reciting lessons on how he has changed people’s lives, showing what good vs. evil truly is. Later on, Jesus told everyone that Judas (Joe Kelley) would betray him. The show then takes a dramatic turn from loud and colorful to quiet and gloomy. This shocking change in scenery definitely grabbed my attention. The cast greets Jesus for the last time in an emotional manner before he receives the kiss of death from Judas. Jesus is hung on the cross and his disciples hang their sin onto him showing that he saved them. From beginning to end the talent blew me away and kept me entertained the whole time.

The performances from this cast were incredible. Haney and Kelley did their absolute best for their last show of the year. It was great to see so many members have either a speaking part or a solo. The soloists’ voices were breathtaking. I am always impressed by the performing arts department. If the goal was to end this year on a good note, then “Godspell” was a fantastic way to go.

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