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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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Six teachers added to EMHS’s english and history departments

Learning can be extremely difficult with a ton of students in the classroom and as more students arrive at Edmond Memorial High School, hiring teachers is a necessity to keep classrooms to a proper size. EMHS added 28 new teachers for this 2023-2024 school year and here are brief introductions for six of these new bulldogs.

Manisha Vij taught English in a foreign country, but this is her first year as a full time teacher in the United States. Vij teaches English and Social studies for EMHS’s special education classes and is loving her position so far.

“There are so many things that I need to learn, and I cannot think of

anyone who hasn’t or isn’t willing to help,” Vij said.

Helping others is a huge part of EMHS’s mission and that includes the staff. Having teachers in their first year at the school requires great dedication on their part. Learning the school’s style, layout and students is difficult, so help is vital to their success.

Annawake Grubbs is another English teacher who has taught for five years in Oklahoma. She first taught at Cimarron Middle School for four years, which helped her find a connection at EMHS.

“I knew a few people who had made the move from Cimarron to Memorial, and I really wanted to make the move as well,” Grubbs said. “I went to high school here, and I like the rigor of the curriculum.”

Making the jump from lower grades to high school can be a strange transition. A difference in maturity, content and language is a drastic change and even a challenge for all of the teachers.

Quinton Wells also taught at Cimarron for five years where he taught AISP and physical education classes. Wells is now an assistant coach for boys basketball under head coach Shane Cowherd. This connection brought him from the middle school up to the high school level. School spirit events are aspects of high school he is looking forward to most.

Robert Gregg taught seventh and eighth grade history at Summit Middle School for four years before coming to EMHS. He is now teaching Oklahoma History and AP Human Geography in t

he Freshman Academy.

“I’m excited to be back in high school,” Gregg said. “I’ve heard good things about Memorial, and I’ve had friends whose children have come through here and spoken very highly of the school.”

Memorial’s reputation has reached extremely far, and a constant stream of positive comments from staff persuades teachers to come to this school.

Rachelle Lisle is the new girls head Soccer coach and is co-teaching Oklahoma history, biology and English. Lisle taught kindergarten and first grade for eight years which makes this her first year in high school. She is super excited to make that jump in age. Building relationships with students is a huge part of school that was much more difficult earlier in her career.

“I love having the same students in multiple classes because I am able

to have a relationship with them,” Lisle said.

Dillan Brunk taught for three years in Missouri, teaching elementary school P.E. and two more years at the middle school level. Similar to Wells, Brunk knew Cowherd and moved to Memorial as a world history teacher and an assistant basketball coach. He also loves being able to share similar interests with his students a

nd build relationships with them.

Being a new teacher is not easy, but with many things to learn, an amazing school makes this transition easier. These six teachers have found their first weeks to be smooth and quick. Teaching revolves around building relationships, making friends and diving into school spirit which makes EMHS an amazing place for these new teachers to learn.

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Ian Humphreys
Ian Humphreys, Managing Editor
My name is Ian Humphreys and I am the managing editor this year! I took the intro class my sophomore year and was on staff last year. Outside of journalism, I am on the EMHS drumline and also marched DCI drumline this past summer. I love to skateboard and play frisbee golf as well.