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EMHS math department new and improved with six new math teachers

Scout Killackey and Tessa Bohannon
Six new teachers are welcomed into the EMHS Bulldog community.

A new school year means new teachers, and this year the Edmond Memorial High School math department welcomes six new members into the Bulldog community. Each of these new teachers are ready to help their students learn and grow throughout this new year and gain new math skills to become successful students at EMHS.


📐 Johanna Belt – Geometry

Johanna Belt has always had a love for teaching and her every day inspiration comes from her love of helping her students achieve their educational goals and have fun while doing it. Belt has taught at almost every level and was ready to try something new by teaching high school. She says EMHS stood out to her due to the school spirit, excellence in academics and a sense of community. 

“I am so excited to be at Memorial this year. School spirit and traditions here are so uniquely special,” Belt said. “I’m looking forward to all the Bulldog activities from sports to fine arts to Swine Week, and, as a bonus, I absolutely love seeing some of my former students in the hall.”


💲 Jason Lawter – Algebra I and Economics

Teaching is a job that leaves a lasting impact on the community, which is what inspired Jason Lawter to pursue a career in teaching. This year, Lawter teaches algebra I and economics and hopes to encourage his students to gain new experience and learn new things. 

“I wanted to do something impactful and I wanted to inspire other people and pass some knowledge on,” Lawter said. 


✖️ Bridget Simmons – Algebra I

Teachers make a substantial impact on students’ lives, inspiring them in the day-to-day and even shaping their future and helping them become successful individuals. Simmons says her past teachers were a key part of her inspiration to become a teacher. Simmons is looking forward to a different but welcoming environment at EMHS and says she is excited for a change. 

“I had inspiration from my previous teachers,” Simmons said. “I had teachers that would go the extra mile to help me, so that inspired me to become the educator that I am.” 


📊 Ansen Covin – IA Algebra II

Being a Memorial Alumnus, track and cross country coach for two years, Ansen Covin was ready to not only inspire students in athletics but also in the classroom. Returning to EMHS, Covin is excited to join the staff to be part of the school once again, this time playing a different role. 

“I have a degree in mathematics and as I’ve been here the past two years I realized I have this knowledge and ability to help young people learn and grow,” Covin said “It’s rewarding to me and rewarding to them and an opportunity I need to make the most of.”


➕ Lori Brewer – Special Ed Math

Having a passion for one’s work is important, and Lori Brewer loves what she does. She has the opportunity to see students grow and change while learning and gaining more knowledge and ability. Brewer used to substitute for Memorial teachers, which is where she gained her inspiration to join Memorial staff as a new math teacher. 

 “I really love teaching,” Brewer said. “I love seeing the change with the students.”


📈 Sydney Andrews  – IA Trig and Calculus 

School spirit and culture is an important part of education, as it not only inspires students to do their best but allows for a better sense of community between the students, teachers and the school. Sydney Andrews feels that the Bulldog community is one that is exciting and welcoming for all.

 “I’m most looking forward to getting to know the kids in the school, and the culture here is really good,” Andrews said. “The school spirit is really exciting.”

 For the first time, six new math teachers will have the opportunity to experience what it really means to be a Bulldog during the 2023-2024 school year. These teachers will have the opportunity to encourage and help their students grow in their math skills and become the best they can be. 

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