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State fair was fairly pricey

The Oklahoma State fair is back in town and more disappointing than ever.
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The Oklahoma State fair is back in town and more disappointing than ever.

The annual Oklahoma State Fair is back in town from Sept. 14 to Sept. 24., but this year, it fell short of expectations. So, is it really the place to be in 23?

This year appeared to have introduced a new variety of games, toys and food for fairgoers to enjoy. The fair added an abundance of new items and prizes, but with all the new items, new prices followed it.  

Food, being one of the fair’s staples, has always expanded in palette and this year the fair hosted a few more options than normal, including snake bite nachos and apple pie churro bites. It still had the iconic funnel cakes, a range of fried foods and lemonades of all flavors. Of course, many did not have the opportunity of buying them though because of the outrageous prices on food. For drinks included, prices ranged from the cheapest of $5 to at most $60. Refills on drinks were between $4 to 5, and water was the same price. 

Food and drinks were not the only setbacks though, as the mini games and rides were just as expensive. The new fast pass system, where a person purchases a card or wristband so they can enjoy rides, requires people to pay $5, $30 or $50 worth of points and unfortunately that will only last someone about four rides before a person has to recharge it. For the grand total of the rides and games, the price is ultimately not worth it.

Along with the expensive food and games, the crowds and lines were no less than unbearable. Considering the entire state of Oklahoma travel to Oklahoma City to experience the fair, the crowd was still a little too much. It is expected, especially for opening and closing weekend. In turn, the long lines unfortunately were everywhere in the afternoon. 

The overall experience was not as magical as it was in the past and sadly, that might not change. Trying to budget for the fair might be possible, but people will most likely miss out on a lot of fun attractions that make the fair great. It was still nice to go out and have a little fun regardless of how much it may have cost because it was more about the experience. However, it does fall short due to the other aspects of the fair. 

While not including the ‘Disney on Ice’ showing, it was still fun seeing so many people come together bringing smiles and joyful laughs. Hopefully the experience will become better in future years with the rides and prices . 

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Jordan Graham, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Hello! I am Jordan Graham and a senior here at memorial. I am currently one of the Co-Editors and a fourth year journalist for Ruff Draft! Outside of school, I am an Eagle scout and have a love for drawing and all things art. I’m excited for my last year in Newspaper and look forward to this amazing year. 
Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer
My name is Ryder Richardson and I am a Senior at Memorial. I am a 4th year on staff for the Ruff Draft. I mostly write about video games and movies since it's what I am most passionate about writing. I have a cat and dog named Egg and Peritas respectively. I am looking forward to my last year at Edmond Memorial.