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Striker’s Guilds have had enough

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Strikes have been causing chaos in multiple industries.

Strikes have been a consistent measure throughout history to make way for social change; however, it seems that in recent years strikes have been a reoccurring issue in the world. During these strikes, the working class often demands better pay, fewer hours and safer and overall better working conditions.

A strike conducted by Writers Guild of America had been on strike since early May for countless reasons such as Warner Bros, Disney, AMC and other studios forcing WGA writers to work for poverty wages to keep a salary. Billion-dollar studios have been using the transition of streaming platforms as a way to cut down on writers’ pay residual reruns and working conditions have worsened because of the lack of funding to bring an adequate number of writers to each project.

Another reason that writers are striking is because of the fear their jobs might be taken away or cut down with the introduction of artificial intelligence in writing. AI is a much cheaper and faster way for companies to pump out shows for consumers to watch because it can write scripts for zero pay. However, this switch to AI has some major drawbacks. While many people are concerned about losing potential jobs with AI being in early development, AI is not on par compared to the expectations set by the real writer’s creativity.

However, the strikers have come to an agreement with Hollywood studios nearly five months after the strike started, finding a middle ground with a three-year contract with studios to increase the number of writers in proportion to a show’s episodes. This news allows the writers to have a guarantee their jobs are kept and will open up more opportunities for these writers to earn money.

The strikes do not end there, as another strike led by the United Auto Workers is also striking across the country. The strike is going against Ford, General Motors and Stellantis which is the parent company of Chrysler. The strikers are willing to do anything they need to do to see results, including striking during one of the most profitable moments for the auto industry. These workers need increased wages to meet the current cost of living and return to defined pensions. 

History was made during this strike when President Joe Biden joined in the strikers on the picket line on Sept. 26. During his speech, Biden mentioned that the UAW saved the automobile industry back in 2008 and that the workers deserve a significant raise. No other sitting president in history before him has participated in a strike, which could have huge implications for the auto industry with the president siding with the strikers and leveraging in this fight. 

Strikes are not only occurring in the writing and auto industries but also with the medical workers at Kaiser Permanente, which is one of America’s leading healthcare providers and nonprofit health plans. This strike is to be the largest healthcare strike in US history. This strike will impact the number of surgeons, doctors, emergency help and medication for patients. Kaiser Permanente is working on negotiating agreements that will hopefully be resolved. Hospitals are still open and will continue to be open with limited staff.

These strikes will be beneficial for these hard workers in substantial ways by providing for their families and helping to enjoy life to its fullest. Companies have become more greedy since COVID-19 and with high inflation, it’s only right that the workers fire back at the companies for not adjusting to the cost of living. The strikes are resulting in higher wages and better work conditions around the nation to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Ryder Richardson
Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer
My name is Ryder Richardson and I am a Senior at Memorial. I am a 4th year on staff for the Ruff Draft. I mostly write about video games and movies since it's what I am most passionate about writing. I have a cat and dog named Egg and Peritas respectively. I am looking forward to my last year at Edmond Memorial.