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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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An invitation to the library

Jacie Scott
The library is welcoming students in to each lunch and enjoy coffee.

The Edmond Memorial High School library is becoming a more inviting place for students every day. As of this year, media specialists Myka Gilliam and Bekah Joash have opened their doors during lunch, providing students with a new place to eat, hang out or study during their lunch break. They kindly invite and encourage students to bring their lunches to the library and relax with friends.

“We are happy to have lunch, both first and second,” Gilliam said. “Students can come in here to eat as long as they find a seat at a table or on a chair, not on the floor.” 

The library is a welcoming space for students to eat outside of the cafeteria because of its comforting atmosphere with couches and other flexible seating options. Students can also find solace in the library from the stress of classrooms and other school activities. 

“The fact that we have more comfy chairs and even the shape of the tables makes the library, I think, a more inviting place than the cafeteria,” Joash said.

One of the main driving forces for students to eat in the library is the coffee bar that is open during lunch, as there is always a line waiting to order their drink. 

“We decided that it would drive more traffic to our coffee sales if we allowed students to have lunch in here,” Gilliam said.

The coffee bar features a wide variety of syrups and the choice of regular whole milk and oat milk for students to customize their drinks, including the popular pumpkin spice flavor for this autumn season.

“I remember last year when they started selling coffee,” senior and librarian barista Danica Golden said. “It was like holy grail to me because my class was in here during lunch.”

All profit from the coffee goes toward purchasing more library items, such as games, bookmarks and even furniture, adding to the appeal of the library to students. 

“We are looking to buy some board games and things that students can use before school, after school or during lunch,” Gilliam said. “I also have some crafting supplies just in case students want to craft.”

Students can always pay a visit to the library during their free time. No matter the reason, they will always feel welcome and comfortable there.

“We really just want to see students’ faces. We want to know what they would like to see in the library if students have requests, if they would like to see something or mostly, we just like to talk to students,” Gilliam said.

The library is a welcoming and accommodating space for students, and it being open from 7:50 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon makes it a perfect place for anyone to hang out whenever they wish. Come check it out whenever possible.

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About the Contributor
Noelia Ocampo
Noelia Ocampo, Staff Writer
Hello! My name is Noelia Ocampo. I’m a sophomore at Memorial and this is my first year writing on staff. I joined intro during my freshman year and ended up staying because of how much I liked it. I enjoy anything related to science and history and I also like to garden and make bracelets during my free time.