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Basketball racks up wins

Kayla Ketelsleger
The Bulldog Boys’ Basketball team moves forward in their season with multiple wins.

With the Edmond Memorial High School Boys’ basketball team having a strong start to their season, there is much excitement, enthusiasm and victory surrounding the team. As the season continues, they are having major success on the court portraying teamwork, helping them win games.

Everyone on the team has a role in the success, making all the teammates a key part. One of the main factors in the victories is head coach, world history teacher Shane Cowherd. Cowherd believes that the team has a chance for a prosperous season.

“We are one of the better teams right now record-wise in the state and district standings, which is a big deal this year with the new shift away from conference to districts,” Cowherd said. “It is a really important factor, making us top three in our district.”

The change in the format of the basketball season has affected the EMHS boys team tremendously. Although the Edlam games against Edmond North High School and Edmond Santa Fe High School are a fan favorite, the events are not as crucial compared to the district games this season. These matches lead them into the playoffs and determine whether or not they make it.

Even though there can be questions about making the playoffs, the team is set in stone with a success plan to earn them victories. Senior player Cairan Pedulla plays a part in that plan and puts in great effort to the team.

“My biggest contribution is my leadership and experience as one of the only guys who has played at this level for multiple years,” Pedulla said.

Despite the accomplishments of the team, there can still be improvements made to better their odds at winning it all. Cowherd has thought of a modification to help the team grow involving the support from the students and boosters. 

“Every night is a challenge, and that is why our student body in our school being able to represent our team is so important to us,” Cowherd said. 

To be able to see the areas that a team needs to improve upon is important in order to gain wins against tougher competition. Sophomore Bode Lashley is a leading player in both Junior Varsity and Varsity, who also provides a clear view of the team’s success.

“We can learn to trust our teammates more and trust our offense, and continue to learn to play with each other,” Lashley said.

Many players on the boys’ varsity basketball team are underclassmen, which leaves them with a wonderful future filled with victories through teamwork, games and dedication. Even though Pedulla is a senior, he believes in the future of the team.

“Memorial basketball will be in good hands when I leave because we have a lot of young talent,” Pedulla said. 

With so much talent on the team, the basketball program is having a successful season. In the future, the boys basketball team will continue to grow in their skills, using teamwork and determination to win the game. 

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About the Contributor
Anna Vitiello
Anna Vitiello, Staff Writer
Hey, my name is Anna Vitiello. I'm a sophomore, and this is my first year writing for staff. Outside of Journalism, I play baritone and trombone in the EMHS band, along with the sophomore representative for Key Club. I am very excited to be part of the Ruff Draft, and can't wait to continue for years to come!