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The 2024 Super Bowl had some super ads

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From Ice Spice, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Chris Pratt, the commercials are hilarious and entertaining for the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the United States. With so many people tuned into their TVs, over 100 million people watch it every year, whether it be for the game, half-time show, or even the advertisements. There is no better time than this event for companies to gain publicity and increase their reputation through hilarious and clever advertisements.

This year, over 123 million people watched the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The price of an average 30-second Super Bowl ad is around $7 million, which is over $200 thousand per second just for the spot on the program. It is a high price for advertisers, so they compete each year to make the best commercial of the 2024 Super Bowl. This listing is of some of the best commercials this year, five of the best out of the 59 commercials that aired this year for multitudes of reasons. Whether it is for the celebrity appearances, comedy, or the exciting releases coming in the future, they all earned a spot on this list for a reason.


  1. Kawasaki


Kawasaki made the manliest commercials with mullets and powerful engines. It starts with two men coming out of the barn to turn on their brand new Kawasaki Ridge Side x Side all-terrain-vehicle, and they grow mullets once they turn the keys to the powerful beast under the hood. They go into the wilderness to show the capabilities of the new offroader by driving through mud, rocky terrain and dense forest while hauling timber in the bed of the ATV. As the two guys travel across the vast wilderness, everything they pass grows a mullet, from a dog to a bald eagle to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The commercial is fun and interesting in how they made it look like a truck advertisement but with a small ATV. This commercial is funny with the growing mullets but it doesn’t include that much substance besides that.


  1. Starry


It would not be a Super Bowl without at least one commercial having internet sensation Ice Spice in one of them. She starred in an ad with Starry, a fairly uncommon drink that looks similar to Sprite and 7UP from the outside with its lemon-lime flavor. Starry is the new lemon-lime soda that PepsiCo. began marketing at the beginning of 2023 after it discontinued Sierra Mist. The commercial starts with Spice drinking Starry with the lemon and lime mascots. Spice’s ex-partner comes in and sees the lemon and lime kissing her cheek, and the ex bursts into tears from his eyes and everywhere. This was a hilarious commercial and brought eyes to the new drink. Spice doesn’t look out of her normal personality throughout the commercial, making it seem more iconic and memorable whenever thinking of Super Bowl commercials.  


  1. Pringles


Movie theater’s golden boy, Chris Pratt, made his appearance this year as “Mr. P” for Pringles fake movie. Pratt goes through a mustache complex and everyone is calling him “the Pringles guy.” He receives a call from the CEO offering him to take on the role of “Mr. P.” This commercial is very ironic because, as of recently, it seemed that Pratt is in every movie such as Super Mario Bros., Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and upcoming productions later this year like Garfield. People online have been complaining that Pratt has been in too many productions, from movies to shows and now commercials. However, this doesn’t ruin the advertisement, as Pratt is still a very talented actor and he did well in this advertisement. Despite all of this criticism, Pringles continues to bring it every year to the Super Bowl no matter what continues to be one of the best at producing hilarious commercials.


  1. State Farm


State Farm has been advertising a movie called “Agent State Farm” featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger for months and even Jimmy Fallon was confused on whether it was a commercial or a movie. Later on in the interview, it was revealed that it was just for a 60-second commercial for the Super Bowl during their interview on “The Tonight Show.” This commercial was so unique because of the hype around it. It has been teased all over social media, and when we were finally able to see the final product, it was worth it. The advertisement showing the difficulty of acting with an accent, using Danny Devito because Schwarzenegger could not say neighbor properly was endlessly comedic for everyone watching. This commercial was one of the best this year and definitely would make viewers look more into State Farm, considering the effort and money that went into the commercial.


  1. Deadpool & Wolverine


The perfect advertisement for the Super Bowl is announcing a highly-anticipated product, or in this case, a movie, and seeing Deadpool on the screen has fans excited for the third rendition of Deadpool: “Deadpool & Wolverine.” Fans are especially excited to see that the movie has kept its R rating despite Disney and Fox wanting to change it to PG-13. Ryan Reynolds is thrilled to finally be releasing this movie since it will be six years since the last installment, “Deadpool 2,” was released back in 2018. This trailer even revealed that Deadpool will be working with Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, which fans also have not seen since “Logan” in 2017.  “Deadpool and Wolverine” shows that the action and the classic Deadpool thrill and comedy have stayed, leaving fans ecstatic to watch it in theaters to witness Deadpool once again. It felt so exciting to see his red mask on the screen, officially announcing the release of the new Deadpool movie; it was a perfect way to officially announce a movie. 

These five were not all the standouts at the Super Bowl but they were some of the best they had this year. Other movies were announced like “Wicked” and “Moana 2,” but they didn’t excite fans as much as seeing Deadpool back in action. Nearly all of the commercials were hilarious in their fashion, but only some of these will stay associated with the Chiefs’ third title in five years at the 2024 Super Bowl.  

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