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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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EMHS kicks off Swine Week fundraising with 25k in a day

Macey Thaxton
EMHS celebrates 25k in a day, raising money for Peaceful Family before Swine Week even begins.

At Edmond Memorial High School the Swine Week anticipation is building, with the announcement of the recipient and the theme of Swine Week, there’s only one thing left to do: fundraise. 

During 25k in a Day, the upper commons is covered in pink, from the lighting to the walls, providing a preview of Swine Week. Music, food, friends and a little class competition help to encourage students to participate in the excitement of this special day. Thanks to the EMHS students and Student Council putting together this event, by the end of the day, the total money raised was $27,744.

EMHS raises money for the cause in a variety of ways, and one of the most popular is by selling food and sweet treats at 25k in a Day. EMHS StuCo sells waffles, donuts and bagels; meanwhile, Swine Week Royalty also has the chance to raise money for their groups by selling piggy pastries, which are homemade snacks made by the Royalty members. Local businesses such as Roots Nutrition and 801 Nutrition have also had the opportunity to participate in 25k in a Day by selling their products to help contribute to the day’s total. 

Not only was there food to enjoy, but students also had the opportunity to participate in destroying a car on the outside loop near the gym lobby, where students could pay $5 for 30 seconds and $10 for one minute. 

The tradition of seeing which class can raise the most money helps students have some healthy competition and this year, the sophomore class opened their hearts and their wallets, raising the most money out of all four grades. Each event and sale went towards the end goal of earning 25k in a single day. 25k in a Day is not only a big step in earning money for Swine Week, but it also is a way to show students what’s to come.

“I love having open advisory and being able to hang out with my friends and buy stuff,” junior Logan Marshall said, “It feels like a Swine Week preview.”

Meanwhile, Royalty members are rushing to meet their fundraising goals. By participating in 25k in a Day by selling piggy pastries they can make progress and be involved all at the same time. 

“25k in a Day is such a fun experience, and I definitely felt like I was helping the cause,” freshman Adelyn Myers said, “As Royalty members, we have the opportunity to stand behind tables and collect the money for our sales, which then helps out the Swine Week total and our individual group totals.”

This event is a sneak peek at what 2024’s big week will feature, especially for freshmen who are experiencing their first Swine Week. By using this event as a glimpse at what’s to come, students can become excited and prepare for the celebration that is on its way. 

“25k in a Day grows the students’ excitement for Swine Week, walking into the upper commons and seeing all the decorations builds anticipation,” EMHS StuCo President Sydnee Seat said, “It allows them to have lots of fun at school while also raising lots of money for a good cause.”

This year, all money raised through EMHS Swine Week will go towards Peaceful Family Oklahoma, an organization that helps children in families suffering from the disease of addiction. Through 25k in a Day, students at EMHS can come together and raise money for this local cause, while still gathering together and preparing for the big week. Through sweet treats and destroying a car, EMHS 25k in a Day is contributing a great deal to the early fundraising and continues to increase the excitement for Swine Week.

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Emma Eischeid
Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

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Macey Thaxton, Co-Editor-in-Chief
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