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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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A foundation funding the future

The EPSF is celebrating their 40th anniversary all year.
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The EPSF is celebrating their 40th anniversary all year.

The Edmond Public Schools Foundation is celebrating its 40th anniversary of providing financial support to Edmond Public Schools year-round. In 1984 a group of Edmond parents founded the EPSF to help meet the needs of everyone involved in the EPS district. Additionally, the EPSF administers and provides many programs to the students and teachers of EPS, one of the most well known being the Student Ambassador program

“When I started, I was in awe of how incredible the student body in Edmond is; they’re very philanthropic, and you can see that in Swine Week, Double Wolf Dare Week and Balto Week,” EPSF CEO Deanna Boston said. “I wondered if the students knew about all of the needs in Edmond Public Schools. So we created this program to help educate students about the needs of public education.”

The student ambassador program has three pillars that the students can learn about through the program: philanthropy, advocacy and leadership. Each of the pillars provides students with influential opportunities and chances to learn new skills through setting goals and working to achieve them.

“I am the chair of the leadership committee for the foundation,” Edmond Memorial High School student Lauren Krise said. “This includes being the head and voice of this committee at our monthly meetings and in the community. I speak at our presentations for the community, and volunteer at different events and in different ways to serve our schools and teachers.”

Additionally, each of the groups set a goal for every school year. This year the leadership group’s goal is to determine the needs for food pantries in Edmond Public Schools and conduct a food drive to fulfill the needs. The advocacy group is working to increase Instagram followers and engagement so that more people know about the foundation. Finally, the philanthropy group is raising money for DonorsChoose, which helps benefit students and teachers directly.

“They’re raising $5,000, and during teacher appreciation week, they’re going to go in and fund any projects that have to do with mental health or basic needs like food insecurity,” Boston said.

DonorsChoose is an organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects in their area or across the country. Teachers can submit projects for anything, from classroom snacks to equipment for the EMHS broadcasting class.

“Especially nowadays, public education is struggling and to know that there are ways to actually get resources it just gives you a lot of hope,” EMHS broadcasting teacher Corey Ayers said.

Over the past two years, Ayers has submitted two DonorsChoose projects for broadcasting equipment for his classes. Both projects were funded and the class now has a green screen, microphones and even podcasting equipment. 

“I have kids that are putting together personal podcasts and school podcasts by using the equipment,” Ayers said. “It gives them an opportunity to get their hands on real, professional equipment.”

To celebrate the educators and donors of this year, EPSF is hosting the Educators and Donors Providing Innovative Education in Edmond (EDIEE) Awards on April 16 at Aspen Ranch. EPS will announce the Teacher of the Year and the Support Personnel of the Year at this ceremony. 

“So the educators will be in the room and the community will be in the room and be able to see how awesome EPS educators are,” Boston said. “Our main goal is to bring together the community and EPS.”

The EPSF’s main goal between 2021 and 2026 is to invest $2.6 million into Edmond Public Schools with the support of community partners. The foundation has worked over the past 40 years to aid in the funding to improve Edmond’s education, allowing students to use the tools provided to make change.

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