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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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They sing, but they “Act II”

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Act II is about combining music, performance and entertainment.

Edmond Memorial High School’s show choir, Act II, recently competed at the Duncan High School show choir festival and received awards such as best in class 6A, best vocals and the sweepstakes award, putting them first in the competition. To win these awards, Act II combines choreography with singing to portray a story through performance.

The students must have the ability to do movement while singing and be entertaining to watch,” Act II Director Majorie Green said. “Act II did a show called ‘It’s Time.’  All of the music is themed around songs about time including a little time travel sending the listeners back in time with songs from past decades.”

Creating a vivid story through musical performance takes time and effort from the students and staff. Act II rehearses sixth period during the regular school day along with a couple rehearsals outside of school. The staff pick the show theme and title at the beginning each year for the group to perform, so they start practicing as soon as school starts in the fall semester.

“The staff are very encouraging and help bring the students up in every rehearsal so that we can collaborate to put together a great show,” senior Act II member Nathaniel Stephens said. “They create our entire program, the theme, music, choreography [and more] and are the only reason we are capable of having such a good show.”

Learning how to sing and dance at the same time requires the students to be very flexible in their musical and even athletic ability. Physical flexibility and flow are two main concepts the members must work on to achieve the choreography at a high level.

“The students are working towards a goal for contest, but being together in class each day is a lot of fun,” Green said. “We always want to be the best at our craft, so the vocal production is very important. Being meticulous in the details of the choreography has earned Act II many awards.”

In performing arts activities, mental preparation and tranquility are factors that affect the final product. Group dynamics and how everyone cooperates with each other also plays a part as teamwork is important. This energy and friendship was not only a part of Act II’s day-to-day rehearsals, but it carried into their performances as well, creating friendships on and off the stage.

“​​The best part of Act II is the friends that are made along the way,” senior Act II member Madison Dolan said. “We see each other every day and build a community that is hard to break. We are able to do what we love and gain forever friends.”

Practicing, performing and making friends along the way sums up EMHS’s Act II program. They strive to better this small community through their musical productions and receive many awards for their hard work along the way.

About the Contributor
Ian Humphreys
Ian Humphreys, Managing Editor
My name is Ian Humphreys and I am the managing editor this year! I took the intro class my sophomore year and was on staff last year. Outside of journalism, I am on the EMHS drumline and also marched DCI drumline this past summer. I love to skateboard and play frisbee golf as well.