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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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Remembrance of a great

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Roadhouse beat the box office.

“Road House” is about a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter named Elwood Dalton, who takes his talents to a “Road House,” a restaurant on the side of the road that attracts the wrong crowd. This movie is where director Doug Liman, put his twist on the original film starring Patrick Swayze

The movie is set at a bar in the Florida Keys. In my opinion, this is one of the best possible places that this movie could have been set. A beach is a great place to relax and hang out with friends.

CGI has created a new world for movies in the past years. The explosions and animations were great throughout the movie and showed how much the editors cared about their work. The explosions looked realistic, which many animators tend to get wrong. I think that this movie had one of the best CGI crews that I have seen.

There were a few parts that were not as realistic, such as Conor Mcgregor, who plays a character whose name is assumed to be Knox due to the tattoos across his body, being dragged behind a boat by a rope. Ben Brandt, played by Billy Magnussen survived a boat flying over 80 feet above the land after hitting a reef. Another unrealistic part of the movie was the speed at which the characters could heal. In one scene, they would have cuts covering their bodies, and in the next, they would only have a few bruises.

This movie has many famous people such as Austin Richard Post, commonly known as Post Malone. He makes an appearance in a great fight scene and sang many of the songs that are in the movie.  Conor McGregor, a fighter in the UFC, was involved in speculations on whether or not his acting would be that great, but he did a pretty good job for it being only the second movie he has participated in.

Another part that I liked was the director’s choice of music throughout the movie. The movie features artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Logic, and The Beach Boys. My favorite out of the artists, however, was Post Malone’s Horsepower, which is an unreleased single that could come out in the future.

Overall, the movie was a great spin on the original film released in 1989. Doug Liman, the director, could have made his changes because the movies seemed very similar when the scenes were broken down.

With a $60 million budget, which is $40 million less than Oppenheimer’s, “Road House” is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. The sets and animation gave this movie a great touch, along with the actors and the music that they introduced. As well as keeping to the original movie with a bouncer, protecting the bar from a corrupt businessman.

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Wes Matlock, Contributing Writer
Hello! My name is Wes Matlock. I am a sophomore here at Memorial. I am happy to be a contributing writer of the EMHS Ruff Draft. I am in the EMHS Boys Volleyball Club. Outside of school I am an avid video game player. I am a fan of The University of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Thunder. I have two dogs, Bear who is always shedding, and Lily who is a more laid back dog.