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Benson Boone launches into the music scene with “Fireworks and Rollerblades”

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With multiple styles of music, Boone combines his talents to create his first album.

Popular modern-day artist Benson Boone released his first album “Fireworks and Rollerblades” after teasing multiple singles on his social media platforms such as TikTok. Boone rose to fame after his audition on American Idol went viral on social media along with his own music content. His unique, rich voice at a young age brought people to his music platforms, where he had only released a few songs. 

Through TikTok, Boone grew his platform and fanbase tenfold, releasing new singles every couple of months and eventually revealing his brand-new album. The album features a ton of variety in his style and voice, showing off his broad musical talents. Although all of the songs in this collection were amazing, three stuck out to me throughout the album.


“Cry” is Boone’s take on the aftermath of a toxic relationship, telling a former partner to cry and ruin someone else’s life so that he can rest and reconcile from the relationship. This new social media sensation has thousands of fans posting about their toxic relationships with this song. Being able to relate to a role model or figure such as Boone makes this song special for many of his followers. This song’s use of pop, upbeat tempo, but depressing lyrics surprisingly works and gives a very in depth perception into Boone’s thoughts.

“Beautiful Things:”

“Beautiful Things” was a single Boone released before the rest of the album, but it is one of his more popular songs. In a similar style to “Cry,” this song desperately asks for someone not to leave his life. Boone teased this song on his social media long before it came out, keeping fans interested and waiting for it. The contrast of slow and upbeat sections brings the reality of losing a loved one to life through the song. Boone has an amazing voice for regretful or sad songs and this song sums that up.

“Forever and a Day”:

“Forever and a Day” is another example of a slower song for Boone to sing, but it explores happier lyrics. His vocal range and smooth voice can portray loving and longing emotions perfectly. The lyrics talk about how he thinks he has known his lover for forever and a day even though it is still early in their relationship. Creating another song that people can relate to and long for led to this being one of the best songs on the album as a whole.

This album lived up to all expectations, especially since it was his very first album release. With 15 songs summing up his musical talents, this release serves as an amazing debut into the music world. The story told throughout the work shows how much emotion and passion he puts into his songs. His album tour continues in the U.S. throughout May, and tickets can be bought from his website.

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Ian Humphreys
Ian Humphreys, Managing Editor
My name is Ian Humphreys and I am the managing editor this year! I took the intro class my sophomore year and was on staff last year. Outside of journalism, I am on the EMHS drumline and also marched DCI drumline this past summer. I love to skateboard and play frisbee golf as well.