The Slow Rush became a rapid success

Tame Impalas new album The Slow Rush has become a major success, and a game changer for the music industry.

Tame Impala’s new album ‘The Slow Rush’ has become a major success, and a game changer for the music industry.

Hailey Paddock, Memorial Staff Writer

After a five year wait, Tame Impala’s fourth studio album ‘The Slow Rush’ was released Feb. 14. This new album has the perfect mix of alternative and indie flow in all 12 songs. 

Initially, ‘The Slow Rush’ was going to be released April 2019, but it was delayed because the band felt it was not ready. Tame Impala headlined Coachella in 2019 around the time the band initially wanted to release the album.

Lead singer, writer and producer Kevin Parker is most known for the intriguing music he creates. The amount of effort that is put into the music pays off. The lyrics Parker writes lets the imagination run free.

Tame Impala has slowly released four songs leading up to the album. The first song they released was ‘Borderline,’ but Parker made more adjustments to this song before the album was released. It was followed by ‘It Might Be Time,’ ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ and ‘Lost in Yesterday,’ which are all on the album. 

Tame Impala is best known for their song ‘The Less I Know The Better,’ released in 2015. Since then, it had 478 streams on Spotify. Living up to the popularity of that song was going to be difficult, but the band certainly proved that they are still capable of making more hits like ‘The Less I Know The Better,’ as ‘Borderline’ now has over 69 million streams according to Spotify.

The music from the album is relaxing enough for meditation. Although ‘The Slow Rush’ can feel like a long album, with the longest song spanning seven minutes and 13 seconds, it has the perfect balance between tranquillity and alternative.

‘The Slow Rush’ ends with the song ‘One More Hour,’ which meshes together all of the emotion and Indie style of the album as if it was a variation of the ‘70s and ‘80s. It is safe to say that Parker followed up ‘Currents’ extravagantly. 


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