The Bulldog Soccer team wins Edlam


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The Bulldogs bested the Huskies in this highly competitive rivalry match.

Jamison Joyce, Staff Writer

The “Edlam” rivalry is one of the biggest feuds for every sport team at Edmond Memorial Highschool (EMHS). This can be said for the EMHS boys soccer team who put on a dominant performance against the Edmond North High School Huskies, gaining another victory. It was a highly anticipated game for the entire group, and it showed, The Bulldogs attacked and did not let up for its entirety. 

Senior Zane Francis delivered the opening goal and gave Memorial an early lead. This was one of the earliest highlights of the game and an important play towards the win.

“My personal favorite moment of the game was coming out strong and being the first to score,” Francis said.

The Bulldogs ability to start the game firing on all cylinders can be attributed to their confidence. They were 7-0 coming into the game and senior Lawson Ford was determined to make up for their loss against North during the previous season.

“Everyone was super confident; we all had something to prove especially because of the disappointing result from last year against them,” Ford said.

EMHS continued to rain down goals on North and excitedly finished the game with a score of 7-2. It’s a huge deal to have a victory over a crosstown rival, and the team was prepared for it.

“Nothing beats scoring seven goals on your biggest opponent, so for me, every goal that went in was a special moment,” senior Gavin Clements said.

The Bulldogs managed to get the better of Edmond North this year, and if this game is any indication of the future, they are in for many more triumphant wins over their rivals across town.

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