Memorial’s new football coach

Olivia Lane , Managing Editor

Edmond Memorial High School has gained a new head football coach for the 2021-2022 school year. After attending Memorial when he was in high school, Logan Thomas has returned to lead the football team to victory.

“I love the place, love the school, love the kids and staff. [Memorial is] a great place,” Thomas said.

After studying secondary education and social studies at Oklahoma State University, Thomas’s original plan was to be an architect. But when he worked with special needs kids and began coaching them, he realized that’s what he really wanted to focus on.

“[Coaching at Memorial] seemed like a good marriage of [working with kids and football],” Thomas said.

When Thomas was hired, he gained control of the entire football program, and with that gain, he understands the responsibilities that come with it. He plans to change the team for the better by setting high standards.

“Adults can put high expectations on kids, and kids will meet those expectations. We have to do a good job as the adults of keeping those expectations high,” Thomas said.

Thomas believes in the boys on his team and believes that they can and will meet his expectations.

“We have really great kids that want to be held accountable and want to be coached hard. It’s on [the coaches] to meet that expectation,” Thomas said.

Along with coaching them, Thomas has been excited about creating a bond with his players outside of the game. He says that aspect of coaching has been one of his favorite things about being at Memorial thus far.

“Over the summer the team had a competition, the winning team of 10 got to go to my house for a steak dinner. It was fun to get to know those kids outside of football,” Thomas said.

Comparing Memorial to places he’s coached at in the past, Thomas appreciates the diversity that comes with such a large school like Memorial.

“You see every type of kid and other schools didn’t have that. You have to reach each kid individually because they’re not all the same,” Thomas said.

The school is excited to have Coach Thomas here as the new head football coach and can’t wait to see everything he accomplishes with the team this season.

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