How to study for an AP exam


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Studying for AP exams can be hard but these tips will make it easy as pie.

Adeline Gruen, Staff Writer

As the school year nears the end, students everywhere are preparing for their Advanced Placement (AP) exams in May. These AP exams cover all sorts of topics including English, science, math, etc. Even though these classes are very different, most AP exams can be studied using the same techniques.

Passing AP tests can help students to receive credit for college classes without having to pay thousands of dollars. Besides college credit AP tests also help students prepare for high-stress work environments.


Here are some ways to study for AP exams:


  Mock Exams

One of the most helpful ways to prepare for AP exams is to take practice exams. Whether these practices are the mock exams given by your AP teachers or ones that can be found on AP classroom, they are very beneficial study tools. 


  Look at/Study past tests

Teachers often allow students to look back on past tests that they have taken in class so that they can see where they need improvement.


  Studying with Friends

Another helpful method is studying with friends. If all of you are taking the same AP classes, it is beneficial to quiz one another in order to see the question from multiple points of view. When studying with friends, using flashcards can help because they drill concepts and important information into your brain and connect different points to one another. 


  Online Tools

If your friends are not taking the same AP classes you can find a study group online through different websites such as Study Together (Zoom groups) or MoocLab. Videos can be found on YouTube channels such as Heimler History and CrashCourse, along with AP Daily videos on AP classroom.


  Look over notes

When studying by yourself, using notes and rewriting them can also help to hone your understanding of different concepts. Watching and taking notes over review videos is also a good way to study. 


The weeks before AP exams can be very stressful as students scramble to find time to study, but following these few simple steps can be very beneficial in the long run. 

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