Diving into the art of crochet


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Sophomore english teacher Jacqueline Hirlinger creates baby hats to donate for those in need.

Adeline Gruen, Staff Writer

For many years, crochet has been seen as a craft for old women in rocking chairs. However, because of COVID-19 and months of quarantine, this particular type of needlecraft has seen a rise in popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Influencers can be seen making tote bags, cardigans and various cute animal plushies.

Teenagers from all over use these platforms to promote their products and sell them online as a side job. Crocheting is no longer something simply for the older generations.

Crocheting is a very useful tool because a couple of granny squares (squares of yarn formed by different stitches to create designs or images) can turn into a cardigan, tote bag or even a pair of pants. All you need to start crocheting is an assorted set of crochet hooks and a couple skeins (236 yards of yarn forming an oblong shape) of your favorite yarn. The next step is learning your basic stitches.

The first stitch is a chain stitch. Start by tying a slipknot onto your hook and then wrap the yarn around the hook and pull through. Repeat this step several times until you have a chain of desired length, but don’t forget to count your stitches.

The next stitch is a single stitch. Put your hook through the first chain stitch and wrap the yarn around the end of the hook. Then proceed to pull the yarn through both loops on the hook. Continue this stitch until you come to the end of the chain. If desired, you can perform it multiple times until you turn the chain into a square. As your skills grow you can start to try other stitches such as the double stitch or the slip stitch.

Now that you have the basic skills down, look for a pattern that is made for beginners. Patterns can be found anywhere online, especially Etsy and Ravelry. Some Instagram users, such as @hayhaycrochet, offer free patterns and tutorials on their blogs. Each pattern will have a specific size of hook and number of skeins needed, so be sure to double check before starting your project.

Once you begin to fall into a groove you can make things for your friends or even sell them online. Crochet is so practical because it can easily be turned into a profitable revenue source for teenagers who are trying to earn gas money or save up for college. Also, it is always helpful to have a few gifts on hand, so that you’re always prepared for Christmas or your friend’s birthday.

Crochet is a fun and useful craft that can help everyone no matter their age in multiple aspects of life.

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