Beaming Beth Lewis becomes Teacher of the Year


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Sophomore English teacher Beth Lewis was announced as Edmond Memorial’s Teach of the Year. Her positive and energetic attitude in the classroom make her the perfect person to earn this award.

Adeline Gruen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Every year, schools all over the nation announce which of their teachers are the best teacher and coworker, and who just genuinely enjoys their job. Edmond Memorial High School announced that Sophomore English teacher, Beth Lewis, was their teacher of the year (TOY) on Oct. 6.

In order to become the TOY, teachers must have taught for three years and be a certified teacher. Once teachers are nominated, their colleagues vote on which one will best represent their school. This year, there was a runoff between Lewis and Special Education and History teacher Mary Johnson. Even though they knew that they had been nominated, neither one knew when it would be announced who would be TOY. Lewis has been nominated many times for the TOY but this is the first time she has earned the title.

“I was shocked and I didn’t know it was going to be announced at the assembly. I had just made up my mind to be surprised and grateful either way that I was nominated,” Lewis said.

Each TOY has certain qualities that make them stand out from those around them in everything they do. Fellow Sophomore English teacher Susan Wright described Lewis as positive, energetic and selfless.

“She just creates an atmosphere of positivity in her classroom. She is very energetic, almost like a cheerleader getting their energy up,” Wright said. “She’s just always thinking of others, she likes to surprise people. She loves to bake so she’ll make something over the weekend and bring it to you just because. She’ll stop what she’s doing to help, she’s very giving of her time and talents.” 

Even Lewis’ students can see how much joy she brings to her classroom. “Energetic. Happy. Sunshine. She just spreads light to everyone that she’s around,” sophomore Emily McDonald said. “She just has such happy energy and she cares so much and you can tell, so obviously you just want to be happy around her.”

 Staying positive the whole day can be hard for anyone but for Lewis; it’s just how she is. Not only does she bring positivity to her class but also those around her. One of the things that makes Lewis’ class unique is that she encourages her students to join her in yoga during class. She encourages her students to partake during class and brings other teachers to the yoga studio with her. 

“It’s not hard because I love what I do and I’m grateful to work in a school with administrators who appreciate you and support you. I have the best colleagues and I have fun students so I feel like my work day is just a fun day almost everyday,” Lewis said.

In addition to bringing positivity to everything around her, Lewis is also an excellent teacher. She makes sure that each and every student understands what is going on during class.

“She’s a really good teacher. She makes sure that you understand the content and if you don’t, then she’ll reteach it for you and she’ll try and figure out a way to make it work for you. She’s very understanding of all different learning types and I really really appreciate it,” McDonald said.

What makes Lewis such an excellent teacher is not just her positive attitude but also how much she genuinely wants to engage with them.

“She’s not only worried about teaching you the content but she is worried about how you’re doing as a person. She just so outwardly cares about her students so much that is really honestly impressive,” McDonald said.

She shows her students that she is interested in them by sitting down and talking with them and building a relationship with her students.

“I ask them questions when I read their writing or sometimes I even give them writing assignments that make them talk about their lives because I think that’s important. When I get to know them then I have better relationships and when I have better relationships then I can be a better teacher,” Lewis said.

Despite her busy schedule, Lewis still manages to stay organized.

“I think she is a really good example of a teacher who balances a lot of different things in her life. She’s obviously a really good teacher and her students love her, but she’s also very into her family and she’s a foster parent too which is a whole other layer added onto being a mother and parent,” Wright said.

Even though Lewis was not expecting to become this year’s TOY, she is grateful to be able to represent Edmond Memorial High School.

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