Oklahoma City Zoo welcomes new lion cubs


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The OKC Zoo welcomes four African lion cubs.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

On Sept. 26, 2022, the Oklahoma City (OKC) Zoo welcomed four new African lion cubs- the first lion cubs in 15 years at the zoo. Since these lions are decreasing in population in the wild, these lions are helping with conservation efforts. 

Staff at the zoo were grateful for these cubs, and are working hard to make sure they stay healthy and strong. 

“We are incredibly excited to share the news about the recent additions to our African lion pride,” Tyler Boyd, an OKC Zoo staff worker said. 

 The public can not currently see the cubs because they are spending this time bonding with their mother, Dunia. This is an important stage for both the mother and her cubs. 

“Mom and her cubs are in good health and will remain behind-the-scenes in their indoor dens at Lion Overlook as they spend time together bonding,” the OKC zoo website representative said. 

Just a few days ago, the zoo held a vote for the cubs’ names on their Facebook page. People had certain options to choose from, and the lions were given the winning names. 

“The female lions have been named Neema, meaning ‘grace,’ Zahara, meaning ‘flower’ and Makena, meaning ‘happiness.’ The male lion’s name is Mshango, which means ‘surprise,’” according to KOCO’s website. The names were inspired by Africa and the different languages. 

The OKC zoo and the locals have welcomed the new lion cubs with open arms. Staff is working hard to keep them healthy and happy and Oklahomans are eager to meet them. These lion cubs are more than just another new animal to the Zoo. These lion cubs are special since their species are becoming endangered. These new cubs are contributing to a greater purpose and helping to save their own kind without even knowing. 

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