Forget Valentine’s Day; it’s Galentine’s Day


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From TV to reality, Galentine’s Day is enjoyed by many.

Kelsi Seltenreich, Managing Editor

From candy hearts to roses around every corner, it’s officially Valentine’s season, and love is in the air. While this well-known holiday is exciting for couples, it often leaves those who aren’t in a romantic relationship feeling alone. To combat this feeling, Valentine’s Day has a little sister holiday that has the potential to be just as fun for all the single ladies out there: Galentine’s Day.

Many Edmond Memorial Bulldogs have celebrated Galentine’s Day with those closest to them, including senior Maria Garcia. Her friends kicked off the day doing their favorite activities, building memories and spending time with each other.

“We did movie night with my girls where we watched romantic comedies,” Garcia said. “Afterwards we went out and went shopping.”

Galentine’s Day is a way for singles to not only feel connected on an oftentimes lonely day but also spend it with their favorite people.

“I think it’s a good way for friends who are single to spend Valentine’s Day without feeling the pressures of being in a relationship,” senior Emma Coffey said.

There is room for everyone on Galentine’s Day, even those who are in a romantic relationship. The important part is spending quality time together and celebrating each other.

A reason Galentine’s Day is unique is that it can be celebrated in many different ways, and each group of friends can decide for themselves what they think it means. Freshman Anna Vitiello and her friends celebrated their own way last year.

“We went on a fake date. It was actually with a group of people,” Vitiello said. “We also did a little gift exchange type thing; it was kind of like a secret Santa but it was for Galentine’s Day.”

Many people have so much fun celebrating this day that they choose to make it an annual tradition. Garcia and her friends plan to celebrate again this year, making more valuable memories.

Galentine’s Day is similar to Friendsgiving in that it can be observed at many different times. However, unlike Friendsgiving it does have an official date. This holiday is on Feb. 13, one day before Valentine’s Day, but it is often celebrated throughout the week and even month.

Bulldogs like Vitiello are looking forward to Galentine’s Day this year, excited to have another fun day with friends.

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