Bulldog basketball playoff bound


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The work ethic and mentality of the basketball team improve their performance.

Ian Humphreys, Staff Writer

Edmond Memorial High School’s (EMHS) varsity and junior varsity (JV) boys basketball teams have had a ton of success so far and are hoping to continue their streaks going into the playoffs. Early wins for both teams secured them a great seat in the tournament.

The season started off pretty exciting with a narrow win against Norman then some other solid games,” junior JV player Isaac Anderson said. “We really wanted to solidify a good seating in the tournament, and we were able to accomplish that.”

Performing to the high standard that is expected of these players requires a ton of work and dedication. Varsity coach Shane Cowherd has provided guidance for the students as they progressed from before the season into the later moments of the year.

“The days of off-season are physically and mentally demanding as we look to challenge ourselves to grow both in physical attributes and basketball IQ. The beginning can often enact two and 1/2 hour practices of constant drills and fundamentals after Oct. 1,” Cowherd said. “In comparison, this time of year is now about trying to make sure we are as mentally prepared for our opponents as possible. Film preparations are a huge part of our practice time, reducing wear and tear by holding one hour to 1:15 long practices.”

Coaching style and philosophy is a major part of a team’s success. Different people can take the same feedback in different ways, so changing styles and mentality is crucial.

“One thing that is always in our control is effort and attitude, which translates well every year to being one of the best defensive teams in the state. I think my philosophy is all about trying to find any way possible to allow my athletes the opportunity to experience success,” Cowherd said.

While Cowherd focused on the mental side of the game, JV Coach Jacob Maloney took a different approach and was able to find success as well.

“We based this whole season on targeting a weakness in our games and making an effort to turn it into a strength. Our guys all have things they need to become better, and JV games are a great opportunity to do that,” Maloney said.

Looking into the future, the program is using the JV team to build up their varsity squad. Leadership skills and physical abilities are equally important and needed. The lower team serves as a first step towards the varsity team’s future.

“This year my focus was on developing some of our JV players into better leaders. Leadership is an important quality for these guys to develop, not just for basketball but also for their life after high school,” Maloney said.

With their future setup, the Bulldogs are prepared for the next season. While the playoffs are nearly underway, thinking and advancing the students beyond high school is something that Cowherd makes sure of.

“We continue to fight to be a better version of ourselves today than yesterday, and that has allowed us to compete at some of the highest levels of the season over the past three weeks going into playoffs,” Cowherd said.

With the playoffs near, all possible support is crucial. The larger the crowd, energy and support, the better chance the team has. The season schedule and history can be found on the Bulldog athletics website or from any players or staff member.

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