Students take on the teachers, for the kids!


Macey Thaxton

The teachers versus student basketball game is always a competitive and fun part of Swine Week.

Jamison Joyce, Staff Writer

One of the highlights of Swine Week is the awesome assemblies that take place every day during the week. This year, Tuesday’s assembly was teachers versus students, and it made for a wild ride of fun and sometimes gross games between the Bulldogs and their teachers.

The students started out strong in the dodgeball game. The teachers were being demolished by students from the varsity baseball team who made them sweat, whittling them down to only a few remaining teachers. However, the teachers were then given an ultimatum that provided them a second chance at winning the game. The deal was that if Coach Mead played the game shirtless, then all of the teachers who had been eliminated would be allowed back into the game. Mead agreed to the deal, but to no avail, as the teachers were finished off shortly after. The students took home the win and earned points for the total score, which would determine the winner at the end of the assembly.

The most anticipated event of the assembly was the teacher versus students basketball game. The game remained close throughout most of the duration; however a dominant performance by boys basketball coach Colby Connel helped the teachers secure the win.

“It’s always fun to win. Plus it allows for a year’s worth of trash talk since the students that I coach always are in charge of the student team so it’s fun to egg them on and be competitive with them,” Connel said.

Another fun part about the basketball game was the halftime show, starring math teacher Courtney Smith and fellow educators. The teachers did a performance inspired by Rihanna’s halftime show at Super Bowl LVII. They even learned part of the choreography that was used in the performance.

“I really enjoyed getting to do the choreography from “All of The Lights” since it was like the real performance. Also the guy teachers’ part was really funny as well,” Smith said.

Overall the students versus teacher assembly was packed with fun times and competitive spirit. The games and performances will always be Swine Week staples, and this year they did not disappoint.

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