Swine Week 2023 gave it’s all to HopeHouse OKC


Miller Davis

The final assembly is often known for its exciting final total reveal, but many also look forward to Piggy Vision, a mural created by the Art club students which takes weeks to create.

Hailey Paddock and Adeline Gruen

As the last day of the 2023 Swine Week comes to an end, Edmond Memorial High School students gather in the gym for the final assembly. From auctioning Swine Week themed items, to the reveal of Piggy Vision, it’s one of many student’s favorite assemblies.

The assembly was opened by student council advisor, Jeff Lovett, giving a thanks to everyone who participated and helped throughout the whole school year, especially this past week.

“We have a great group of student council members and royalty. Broadcasting has also worked with us to help our assemblies’ audio/visual go well,” Lovett said. “Our custodial crew has been awesome. We do a lot of gross things, and they are always patient, helpful and kind. It has gone smoothly because of the help of the hundreds of people around us.”

The year’s recipient, HopeHouse OKC had multiple representatives speak throughout the week. Brandy Romine, HopeHouse OKC associate director, made it a point to discuss how significant Memorial fundraising efforts are. In addition, Edmond Public Schools’ Common Thread recipient, City Care, made multiple appearances and spoke to the students regarding their organization. 

“I want to say to every student, and we really do believe this, you are world changers,” Romine said. “This is something we see in your generation, and after this week we believe it even more.”

Speaking of world changers, StuCo took every chance they had at this assembly to raise more money because an anonymous donor pledged up to $10,000 to match what was raised at the assembly. To kick it off, a money run was started while senior football player Will Morris volunteered to shave his head after growing it out for five years. Other students that made a big difference were sophomores Annaliese Palmer and Ally Owen, who raised over $57,000, breaking the record, for the kids.

Not only do students put their all into fundraising, everything that goes into Swine Week has been given its all by students.

“Our assemblies are amazing; the energy we have in the gym is crazy,” Lovett said. “The decorations we had this year were amazing. To walk the halls this year, every square inch covered in detailed decorations is awesome. Between the decorations and the assemblies shows just how involved our student body is,” Lovett said. 

This year was Head Principal Brandi Wheeler’s first Swine Week in her position, and she had a similar mindset to Lovett.

“It was one of my favorite Swine Weeks since I’ve been here. It was just amazing energy, and so many groups were involved.” Wheeler said.  

Swine Week does not just mean a great deal to the recipient but also to the students who put their all into making the week happen. Swine Week Co-Chairs Kara Houge, Camden Peck and Baylee Rose have all spent countless hours the whole school year trying to pull this week off and are immensely grateful for everyone who helped them.

“Throughout my time on student council, I’ve never met another group of teenagers that works as hard for a mutual cause,” Rose said. “Through all of the long nights decorating, and the many events, everyone kept a great attitude because we all knew that everything we were doing was for something greater than all of us, and none of this would be possible without that attitude. I thank every person on StuCo for keeping that mindset over the last five months.”

After all the hard work from StuCo, Royalty and the generous donations from various sponsors and donors, the total amount raised was $361,933. This total left Romine in shock, as it was way more than she had ever thought. With the money raised HopeHouse OKC already has a plan.

“We are finishing a building campaign, so part of the money is going towards paying off this building. This will double our program impact, so we can help more families. The rest will go to our current program.” Romine said.

Even though Swine Week is only one part of the year, it makes countless differences for everyone who is involved. Looking back through the years, Swine Week is a lasting legacy that will forever change the lives in Edmond’s community.

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  • Hope House OKC’s associate director Brandy Romine spoke to the students and thanked them for their help this week saying that they are now part of the team.

  • While many students shaved their heads this week, senior Will Morris waited until the final day to motivate his peers to raise money for the kids.

  • During the final assembly, many items are auctioned off including t-shirt quilts made out of new and vintage Swine Week shirts.

  • This year, students raised over $360,000 for Hope House OKC.

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