Swine Week’s crazy cafeteria lunch dares


Macey Thaxton

Swine Week 2023 lunch dares are as crazy as ever.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

Swine Week  is one of the most exciting and fun weeks of the year for many students, and one tradition that never disappoints is the lunch dares. From shaving beards to the cinnamon challenge and milk chugs, entertainment will be found in Edmond Memorial High School’s cafeteria. These dares are also a great way to contribute to Swine Week’s recipient because each one requires a certain amount of money to be raised before the volunteers complete the dare. All money raised goes directly to the HopeHouse OKC, an organization that assists homeless families and individuals in the community. 

These lunch dares allow students to contribute to the cause and help out the community all while having fun. 

“I think that lunch dares are an awesome way to raise more money during Swine Week as well as another way to have fun,” sophomore spectator Logan Marshall said. 

These cafeteria challenges are not only an entertaining experience for those watching, but also for those participating. Sophomore Jacey Cobb, who did the cinnamon challenge (eating a whole spoon of cinnamon), had the opportunity to give back to the community in a way like no other. 

“I chose to do a lunch dare to experience it and gain a closer bond to my friend who did it with me,” Cobb said. 

People are willing to give up their cash to see people do disgusting stuff, all for the kids. 

“It’s just fun to see people do weird stuff and give back to the community,” sophomore contributor Madison Brown said. 

Since there are so many different challenges that take place, there’s something for everyone. 

“My favorite lunch dare has to be when people shave their heads for Swine Week,” Marshall said. 

A fun, thrilling and effective way to involve students and earn money for a great cause is what makes Swine Week lunch dares one of the most lively and beloved events of the week. 

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