Is TikTok finally being “banned?”

Anna Baustert, Copy Editor

Over the past few months President Donald Trump has tried multiple times to see through the act of banning the popular social media app known as TikTok. The government feared that the app, which is a Chinese owned company, was sending data back to their authorities in Beijing. 

However, it was quickly discredited that China was ever stealing data from America. Then again, when the government was confident that TikTok would be removed from app stores on September 20th. However, earlier this month, a judge had decided to temporarily block the order just hours before it was removed from app stores; TikTok was able to establish an agreement with Walmart and Oracle to buy out the app. The American companies would own 20% of the stake, and ByteDance the other 80%. Trump decided to agree to these terms, which allowed the platform to remain on app stores in the United States.

With everything that has happened this year, especially in the past few months there are a majority of people that believe Trump’s energy should be better spent on other issues. As well as with the fact that no one else seems as concerned about this “situation” as him. Many people think that it is due to a lot of the teenagers and adults that make fun of him and his actions on the app. Especially since Trump is notoriously known for his “short and child-like” temper. This leads to memes and jokes about him spreading to social media, and even trending within a short amount of time. 

Society as a whole doesn’t know for sure whether or not there will be events in the future that will cause TikTok to face another situation like this. Until then, users will be able to use the app worry free.