A tropical, Organic Squeeze


Caroline Goza

The vivid colors of Organic Squeeze

Macey Thaxton, Staff Writer

Trying to find a place to eat that serves all-natural, quick food isn’t very easy. Look no further. Organic Squeeze, located on West Covell road, is a plant-based juice and smoothie bar that is perfect for your cravings. This location of Organic Squeeze opened up in Edmond only a few weeks ago. 

Organic Squeeze has a wide variety of options like smoothies, smoothie bowls and cold pressed juices. They’re a locally owned, Oklahoma-based company with only one other location in Nichols Hills. The location in the Nichols Hills first opened in 2013. 

The owners of the shop strive to provide tasty food that is made with organic produce. 

 The smoothies are vivid colors of pink, green and yellow. Of course they are plant-based, however, all of the smoothies have a perfect sweetness to them. Each smoothie is sprinkled with a pinch of Himalayan salt to taste. 

There were many other types of cold-pressed juices that were available to pick out, as well as full-sized juices. They offer many different kinds of cold-pressed juices, such as a healthier version of cold coffee. The coffee has only a little caffeine, with a substitute for cashews, for taste. The coffee is sweetened by dates and agave. 

They also have health shots of supplements like aloe vera, chlorophyll and their famous Dr. Feel Good. The Dr. Feel Good is made up of lemon, ginger, celery and cayenne, with the purpose of clearing your digestive system.

At the location in Edmond, there is a refrigerated area inside the door with all sorts of snacks or meals, everything from colorful salads to energy balls. I tried the peanut butter energy balls, and they were impeccable. They were little balls of chocolate, oats and peanut buttery goodness. 

I tried the Cashew Latte, which was a healthier version of coffee. And it did, in fact, make a perfect coffee alternative. The cold pressed, natural coffee tasted just like a normal coffee. If you enjoy your coffee on the sweeter side, I would recommend adding some type of sweetener to the drink once you get home, since it was about as bitter as normal coffee. 

One of the most important aspects of a great business is customer service. At Organic Squeeze they allow you to sample the smoothie before you leave. Any adjustments will be made to your smoothie if it isn’t to your liking. The employees were bubbly and excited to have a customer to serve. It only took about three minutes for us to get our order of two smoothies. 

The cherry on top is the atmosphere of the small shop. The juice bar is seen as a modern vegan shop. The base color for the juice bar is a shiny, modern white, dazzled with vibrant greens and oranges to look like the tropical, inviting-looking store that it is. 

Overall, Organic Squeeze lives up to its name, serving fresh and healthy food that is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.

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