“Smile” is the scariest film out there

Smile is a must watch for all horror movie lovers.

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“Smile” is a must watch for all horror movie lovers.

Grace Swisher, Staff Writer

The newly released “Smile” movie has successfully terrified all horror film lovers. Released on Sep. 30, it has gained an immense amount of attention from the public and high ratings from critics, receiving an overall 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. I decided to go test the shock value of the movie for myself, as it has been claimed to be the scariest movie of the year.

The movie begins with a ordinary therapist, Dr. Rose Cotter. Her life quickly spirals after she witnesses a gruesome act that leads to the death of her patient. The audience was left speechless and the title “Smile” flashed in red and white, setting the absolute vile tone of the movie.

I quickly realized that this was just the beginning of a series of disturbing scenes and jumpscares. Cotter goes home and sees her dead patient smiling at her in the kitchen, and quickly realizes she is traumatized by the incident that occurred at her work. This proceeds with the therapist going out of her mind since she keeps seeing this creepy smiling girl everywhere, so her boss puts her on a week long break because he sees she needs some time to collect herself. At this point I could already tell this would be the worst week of Cotters life. 

Before the patient dies, she explains the creepy entity that possessed her. She claims that it forms into human looking creatures that only smile, describing this smile to be the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. Cotter realizes she has the same possession as the girl. Seeing this weird smile throughout the movie was very terrifying. It was odd seeing something that normally is a positive thing, turn into a gut wrenching feeling for the therapist and audience.  

The unexpected twists throughout the movie was my favorite part. Moments such as her nephew opening a dead cat as a present during his birthday party or when her sister twists her head 180 degrees or even when the security alarm goes off in her house had me jumping every time. Although it was almost unbearable to keep my eyes open during some of the most gruesome parts, I could not look away. 

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants their heart rate heightened and isn’t afraid of blood. Watching this in theaters was a frightening experience and leaving the cinema I felt as though it was truly the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. 

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