Fall Ball: was it actually good?


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The Fall Ball’s venue leaves students in awe and in frustration.

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

The annual Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) Fall Ball dance was last weekend and despite the nonstop talk leading up to the event, the reactions have been mixed. 

Fall Ball this year was held at The Manor on Coffee Creek Rd, an elegant venue made mainly to host weddings and parties. The venue had two buildings accessible for students to enjoy refreshments and the DJ, topped off with two patio areas for outside enjoyment. Students were quite impressed with the place and were relieved they were not stuck in the football stadium stands again like last year.

Sophomore Ariela Eiklor, however, felt that there wasn’t enough space to move around. The overcrowding made it difficult to reach the snack table and those that needed to use the restroom were met with an extremely long line. After the event there was also a long line of cars, causing a traffic jam in order for parents to retrieve their kids. They were waiting in that line for at least half an hour, if not more.

“I feel like 30 dollars could have gotten me a bit more than cheap treats and drinks,” Eiklor said. 

 Although to junior Nevaeh Miller, not everything was so bad. While the weather conditions weren’t great, that didn’t stop students from taking this moment to enjoy each other’s company and have fun,

“I enjoyed seeing people I know and I enjoyed how pretty it was. This is my first Fall Ball and I love it,” Miller said. 

A common favorite among students was the DJ and music. It had so many students on the dance floor, jumping, dancing and even a few students throwing money into the air. The excitement in the air had people screaming for joy with the trendy and upbeat music as they all sang the lyrics. 

Outside the music room, there were two peaceful outside settings full of students, one with a convenient warming lamp and the other with a nice fire. Both areas were lit with string lights and in between them was a picture-taking area for students to take photos with friends and their dates. 

“I thought the outside was beautiful,” junior Warren Barnes said. 

Lastly, the refreshments room. This somewhat large building had a constant flow of students walking in and out the doors. The room was crowded throughout the entire party because of the accessible restroom and hot chocolate station. 

Expectations weren’t high for the Fall Ball this year but it managed to live up to some of them. 


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