The Techno assembly was technically amazing


Macey Thaxton

This year’s techno assembly had an amazing turnout.

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

The annual Edmond Memorial High School Swine Week is back in full swing with a week of themed assemblies, one being the notorious Techno assembly.

This years’ Techno assembly had students filling up the gym as they rushed to their seats to wait for the recognizable starter to every Swine Week assembly: the signature question “Can you dig it?” is shouted out to each grade as they respond in cheers of excitement. Everyone stood up for the final call, and the junior section received a splash of water from a fellow student higher up in the section as the lights went out. The gym was then illuminated with blacklights from the court below.

“Seeing all the glow in the dark stuff was so cool,” freshman Reese Verstuyft said.  

The assembly first began with the presentation of the drumline. Students from all sections cheered them on as they featured pieces like “Salt.” Drumline member Benjamin Lin was overjoyed with their performance as he believed that it was one of his favorites of all that he has done throughout the year.

“Most of it went well, and I think we achieved our primary goal of giving the crowd something to cheer about,” Lin said. 

The anticipated dance performances finally came, beginning with the freshman. The dance consisted of jumps and tosses,even included songs that put people into the mood to dance themselves. Verstuyft had exclaimed his excitement for the representation of the freshman as he felt their performance was outstanding for their first time.

“I think they were really well put together and just really fun to watch. It kept my attention,” Verstuyft said. 

Next came the sophomores with a performance that began with a student climbing a human staircase and then a follow up that had many yelling out in unison to the popular songs featured, one song being “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. The collaboration of the young women and men had everyone feeling pumped as the dances were becoming more upbeat and intricate in a cascading effect of throwbacks and new tracks. 

“They did great. the songs they chose were amazing, and I loved their inclusion of some of my favorite songs,” sophomore Kailee Long said. 

A favorite among the crowd was the junior dance, which included some hit songs and dances that caused an uproar in applause and cheers across the gym. The dances included a beginning circle of students and then followed with the dancers throwing money in the air and doing many tricks and flips. The performance was considered one of the best by students as some believed they even did better than the popular senior dance that followed. 

“The junior dance was my favorite among others. The choreography was on point, and they did a lot of eye-catching dances with perfect matching songs,” Long said. 

As a finisher, the seniors executed the final dance with an acrobatic jump through a hoop along with an impressive chain-like spiral, then finishing off with a sign that read “W SENIORS,” which the senior section reacted to with excitement serving as a final cheer to their last Swine Week Techno assembly. 

Many students agree that the 2023 Techno assembly exceeded expectations and Techno will continue to be a favorite assembly of Swine Week among students. 

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