Seth Mead joins the history department

Kelsi Seltenreich, Staff Writer

It’s a new year at Edmond Memorial High School and there are many new faces around the building. Not only is there a new group of freshmen joining the school, but there are several new instructors. One of the new faculty members this year is United States History teacher: Seth Mead.

Mead has had an interest in history for a long while and has known he wanted a career with history involved. His admiration of history is one of the reasons he decided to become a teacher.

“I was a history major before I became an education major,” Mead said. “I’ve always been fascinated with history and things like that.”

Another reason that Mead decided to pursue teaching was his involvement and love for sports.

“I have a passion for athletics,” Mead said.

He played college football for two years at Northwestern Oklahoma State University and is now using his athletic talents to coach both football and track.

After he hung up his football uniform, he earned his education degree attending the University of Central Oklahoma.

While this is Mead’s first year as a teacher, he has been making an impact as part of the Bulldog family since last year.

“I student taught here last fall,” Mead said. “In the spring I became a teacher’s assistant working with the special education students.”

It is evident that Mead cares about his students and is thrilled to be teaching at Memorial.


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