Memorial welcomes Michael Pogue

Makinzy Todd, Staff Writer

As a new school year begins, new teachers and students are welcomed to Edmond Memorial High School. Michael Pogue is one of the many who has decided to start teaching at Memorial this school year.

Pogue is the new Computer Science teacher and although this is his first year at Memorial, it is his 14th year of teaching. He started off teaching high school history for a year, and then transitioned to teaching a middle school technology class for the past 12 years.

Although teaching is now his passion, Pogue didn’t originally start off as a teacher. Instead, he worked for a Norman weather company. He grew up with his parents both being teachers and was certain that wasn’t a career path he wanted to follow. That was until he received the life changing diagnosis that he had colon cancer.

After being faced with my own mortality, I decided I needed to do something meaningful with my life,” Pogue said. “Since I had grown up with teachers as parents, it was an obvious choice to become a teacher.”

Pogue has a wide range of interests, mostly including reading and anything with technology. He hopes to show his students that technology is much more than just a phone. 

“I love sharing my enthusiasm for learning and knowledge,” Pogue said. “I hope students understand the value of education and the opportunities provided by being an educated person.”

Even though this is not Pogue’s first time teaching, the move to a new school still comes with some difficulties. However, the Memorial Bulldogs have helped him during this big change.

“My colleagues have been great to make my transition much easier,” Pogue said. “I have been fortunate to work with some great colleagues in the past, but everyone I’ve encountered here has been friendly and supportive.”

This year already has many new obstacles, but with the support of his colleagues and students, Memorial hopes to make Pogue’s first year great.

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