EMHS loves CARE Center


Anna Baustert, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Friday, Oct. 1 Edmond Memorial High School was ecstatic to announce their 2021 Swine Week recipient: CARE Center. Founded in 1991, the organization is run by Stacy McNieland. Being the only child advocacy center in Oklahoma county, CARE Center’s main mission is to help children receive and provide education services.

Memorial’s Swine Week chairs, Mia Holliman and Baylee Rose, worked tirelessly to make sure they found the perfect recipient for this year, especially after last year being strange due to COVID-19. 

“When going through applications Mia and I wanted an organization with a meaningful mission that the student body would love to be involved in and support,” Rose said. “We found that in the CARE Center.”

With the organization’s purpose being to help children that have suffered abuse, there is no doubt that the students at Memorial wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to support their cause. NcNieland was overwhelmed with joy at the announcement that CARE Center had been chosen as the 2022 recipient. 

“Frankly, I freaked out and then I cried, in that order,” McNieland said. “It’s a big deal and I still get verklempt [overcome with emotion] when I think about it.” 

Both the student body and CARE Center are ecstatic to be working with each other and to see what amazing memories will be built this year. 

“StuCo surprised them with a cake, confetti, balloons and a sign that said ‘we love CARE Center,’” Holliman said. “We are all equally excited for this partnership.”

CARE Center knows how big of a deal Swine Week is to the students and how much hard work goes into reviewing applicants and making that final decision. 

“I would say that Edmond Memorial’s Swine Week grant is probably one of the biggest opportunities that a nonprofit can receive,” McNieland said.

Considering all the amazing nonprofit organizations that are located in Oklahoma, CARE Center is extremely grateful that they were chosen for this year’s philanthropic cause. 

With only 19 weeks until Swine Week, activities begin to kick into full swing. Everyone at Memorial is already thrilled to begin a normal long-awaiting philanthropy week.

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