Igniting a “Spark” at Scissortail Park


Photo Provided

Spark on its opening day.

Makinzy Todd, Staff Writer

Late Oct. a new restaurant, Spark, opened up in Oklahoma City’s Scissortail Park. This fun and colorful diner was originally set to open in early July; however COVID-19 halted production of the building, and the builders had to push it to the later date of Oct.

The building itself is aesthetically pleasing with a modern vibe and bold colors. Although it is located in an opportune spot for people to see it upon entering the park, the dining room is fairly small. This is to limit the amount of people inside; as the owners intend that people will take their food to-go and walk around the park.

There are many options for outdoor seating as well and a to-go window so one doesn’t even have to go inside to order their food. This will be a great restaurant to visit during summer and enjoy the weather as well as the park.

Spark offers a variety of odd burgers on their menu. After a difficult decision I eventually settled on the BLC Spark burger. It includes pimento cheese, bacon, pickles and ranch. This combo was perfect. The crunchiness of the bacon and pickles along with the creaminess of the pimento cheese mixed together create the ideal bite. The burgers range from $7.50 for a classic single patty burger to $11.50 for a double patty burger. 

For those that don’t like burgers, Spark also offers acai bowls, corn dogs, crispy chicken sandwiches and a burger bowl. 

To complement the burgers, they offer three options of fries. They have traditional at $3.00, bacon and cheese fries at $4.50 and what they are more known for, the pink fries, also at $4.50. I tried the pink fries, and, in comparison to my usual favorite fries (Mcdonalds and Chick-Fil-A), they blew them out of the water. The fries are topped with parmesan cheese and their “Pink Sauce” which like its name, is a bright bold pink. Although the contents of the sauce remain a secret, it is an ideal blend of savory and sweet, creating the perfect compliment for the fries.

After one is done with the main course, they can move on to the custard. There is an option of vanilla, chocolate or Spark’s chosen flavor of the month, along with a wide variety of toppings. These include anything from oreos to cinnamon toast crunch to bananas. There is also the choice of hot fudge, hot caramel, nutella and strawberry sauces to go on top. The custard was a great consistency and had a wonderful flavor that paired nicely with the added on toppings. Although delicious, it was a bit pricey, with the custard at $4.50 and any additional toppings $.75 each. 

On top of the amazing food the service was nice and quick. After only about five minutes of waiting my food was already on my table and ready to eat. 

Spark is the place to be when at the park; the variety of options and the ambiance make it a place that anyone can go to and enjoy. Make sure to stop by anytime of the week from 11am to 10pm.

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