New York Meets Edmond


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The perfect place to enjoy a slice of pizza.

Anna Frazier, Staff Writer

Downtown Edmond is a hotspot for exciting things to do with friends. It’s not often that new places open up in the area, but over the summer that story changed. A place called Empire Slice House came to town, bringing a cool new vibe to The Railyard

When someone first walks inside Empire Slice House, something that doesn’t go unnoticed is the decor. Every inch is covered in posters of movies and albums from the 80’s and 90’s eras. Being able to look around at what’s plastered on the walls makes for an entertaining meal. 

Everyday a new menu is offered with different types of pizza slices. One of my favorites, the “Foghorn Leghorn,” is a marinara based pizza, with chicken, bacon, jalapeno and sriracha drizzle. The sweetness of the marinara, paired with the spicy sriracha, creates a mouthwatering combination. Another favorite piece is the “Fungus Among Us” topped with mushrooms, spinach and truffle oil. The mushroom and spinach is a delightful combination that can’t go wrong. The classic cheese and pepperoni slices are also available everyday alongside the special options, for anyone who wants to go with a more simple style. 

As well as the pizza, they also offer many appetizers and salads. A must have is the garlic knots, these perfectly cooked, buttery balls of dough make a great starter to a fulfilling meal. If I’m going to choose a salad, it is going to be the cesar; it’s simple, but does the job. They top it with the perfect amount of cheese and dressing and can’t be passed up.

For $4.25 a slice,  Empire Slice House can be a great new option for going out or staying in for the night.

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