DON’T “Tell Me That It’s Over”


Hailey Paddock

Wallows put on an amazing show at the Criterion in OKC. The band connected well with the crowd to put on an unforgettable show.

Hailey Paddock, Co-Editor-in-Chief

 The Indie band, Wallows, has finally made their way to The Criterion in Oklahoma City with their newest album “Tell Me That It’s Over,” and they did not disappoint. After standing in line for over an hour and then waiting in the venue, Wallows put on one of the best concerts I’ve been to. 

I was not a fan of the opening band, Empath. I felt like their style of music clashed with Wallows. All of their songs were linked to each other, so there was never a pause between them. 

After they finished I waited with much anticipation for Wallows to come on, and at their sight, the crowd roared. The venue wasn’t very large, so I felt more connected to Wallows and other fans.

The band opened with the first three songs of their newest album, “Hard to Believe,” “I Don’t Want to Talk” and “Especially You.” Immediately the crowd and band connected Lead singer Dylan Minnette made sure to walk around so he could interact with fans. “I Don’t Want to Talk” had to be one of my favorite songs they performed, mainly because Minnette brought a harmonica out and played it during the song. 

Most people know that euphoric feeling of listening to a song for the first time and realizing it will be their favorite. Hearing “Remember When” live gave me that exact feeling of bliss, making it another memorable moment. With the crowd screaming and dancing around, and Minnette bouncing from one side of the stage to the other connecting with the audience, this concert was one of the best experiences I’ve had.

One thing I have always loved about Wallows, is the fact that all three members sing; even though they have designated roles. I knew bass player Braedon Lemasters sang as the lead in a lot of their songs, but what I did not expect was for Minnette to take on the drums and Cole Preston (the drummer) to take the front of the stage. The mix up is definitely something that keeps fans on their toes about what will happen next.

There were many other unexpected moments that made the concert intriguing and intimate. Minnette performed a song he wrote about his girlfriend, whose birthday happened to be the same day as this concert, and he wiped tears off his face due to the distance between them. 

To end the concert, the band played a fan favorite “Scrawny,” which left the audience wanting more. After chanting for a few minutes, Wallows came back out to perform two more songs as an encore. One song they picked, and the other they allowed the crowd to pick. At this point I was eager to hear their most popular song “Are You Bored Yet?” and the crowd seemed to be on the same wavelength because they started yelling for it. The band ended with that song, and even though singer Clairo has a part in the song and was not there to sing it, the audience gladly screamed the verse in place of her. 

Wallows put on an amazing show, and I would definitely recommend anyone to go see the band next time they come around. The concert was an experience to never forget and left me excited to see what else the band has lined up. 

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