“The Boys” are back


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In this scene, the group gathers around in blood and all to see the breaking news. This image helps to show the main theme of the series in that it is a chaotic, violent mess.

Ryan White, Contributing Writer

Season three of superhero drama “The Boys” was officially released on June 3, 2022. The new season was met by a great deal of excitement from fans and critics alike, earning 8.7/10 from IMDB and 93% from Rotten Tomatoes.

“The Boys” is a series that explores the idea of superheroes and regular humans living together in the same society. Vought International is the U.S.-based entity that manages the global population of licensed superheroes, who are referred to as “Supes” in the series. Vought presents these superhumans as model citizens. While the public perceives Vought and the heroes as perfect, the company is quite corrupt and seeks world domination.

One of the “Supes” is Homelander (Antony Starr), who is the infamous leader of the superheroes. The “Supes” are collectively known as “The Seven.” The group is made of seven superhumans that work together to stop crime, which makes them into the biggest celebrities in the Land of the Free. However, many of the heroes live double lives and have an entirely different persona outside of the public eye. “The Seven” all have dark secrets, especially the antagonist Homelander. All of the “Supes” want to gain power and this ambition leads to a very intense and dramatic new season.

The new season of “The Boys” is an amazing adventure that takes many twists and turns, keeping the audience on their toes. The story and characters are individually unique in that they all have a background story and secrets that draw people in.

Compared to other seasons, season three adds a lot more comedy to round-out all of the other drama the series provides. I personally felt the show needed to appeal to a broader audience and this season does well creating that broader reach to new viewers. I also really enjoyed the new addition of the character Soldier Boy. “The Boys” needed some fresh content and having Soldier Boy as a new character was a great way to achieve that.

One drawback is that there is gore and violence in this series. I do not mind the explicitness offered in the fighting scenes, but there are many people who may have trouble stomaching. I would certainly advise people to not watch this if they are sensitive to seeing violence/gore.

Each of the three seasons stand on their own as great stories, and combining them all together has created a masterpiece that leaves fans wanting more. The producer of “The Boys,” Eric Kripke, says that season four is in the works and will be released in the summer of 2023 on Amazon Prime.

Overall, the new season of “The Boys” is an amazing adventure that takes many twists and turns. The writing and storytelling in this series is amazing and very detailed. 


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