David Kushner is walking footprints to success

Kushners debut album gained him a ton of support.

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Kushner’s debut album gained him a ton of support.

Ian Humphreys, Staff Writer

David Kushner, a young singer/songwriter, only had one published song when he turned to TikTok for advertising. With his first few videos going viral, many people were praising and encouraging him to write another song.

The artist produced and released two more singles (“Mr. Forgettable” and ”Burn”) that gained popularity through his unique lyrics and smooth voice. The demand for more music put a lot of pressure on Kushner. He held multiple live streams where he shared new ideas and other unreleased music to receive fans’ opinions. A lot of positive feedback led to his announcement of his debut EP (Extended play).

The album was released under the title “Footprints I Found” and included four new songs. Kushner also included the three songs that were already published in this album for a total of seven publications.

The first song “Cigarettes” is a slow sad piece about someone suffering from a smoking addiction due to the remembrance of their father. This song was great but seemed to be unfinished. Transitions from verses to the chorus had a melody that did not fully match the rest of the song.

“Cannon Beach,” the second new song, was a favorite by far. The medium-paced lyrics go through living your life without regrets and taking adventures. Cannon beach, a location in Oregon, is a place Kushner loves to go visit when he feels down, and the inclusion of personal emotion expanded the song to a new depth.

The third new release, “Look Back and Laugh,” was another slow-paced song, focusing on the story of two lovers after they broke up. Kushner was able to tell a story chronologically through this song that is easy for the audience to connect with and feel emotional.

While the last song “oooWooo” has an unusual name, the song takes a dive into someone’s head as they prepare to break up with a loved one and deal with the regret and remorse that comes along with it. The melody and lyrics clearly portray those emotions as well as the guitar part which provides a backbone to the song and portrays the heartbreaking emotions.

Overall, Kushner’s new album is a huge success on the first try. Not only does it show his present skill, but also a lot of future potential. With some more experience and guidance, Kusher will be able to become a much more well-known artist and take his music to a higher level.

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