“Murder Mystery 2”: a movie mystery worth solving


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Murder Mystery 2 is a fun, adventurous, and suspenseful new movie.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

Suspenseful, amusing and full of twists are all ways to describe the new movie, “Murder Mystery 2.” Featuring main characters Audrey Spitz (Jennifer Aniston) and Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler), this movie packs a punch.

The plot follows the story of two detectives, Audrey and Nick Spitz, whose vacations always result in them solving a murder. Despite their known cursed vacations, they are invited to a two week vacation for one of their friend’s, Maharajah (Adeel Akhtar), wedding and quickly accept, in need of a break from work. 

Once they arrived at the wedding, everything seemed normal, until the groom disappeared. Seeing this as an opportunity to use their detective skills, the Spitz couple begin deciphering who the kidnapper could be. Eventually, relatives of the groom hire more professional detectives to handle the situation better. The new detectives receive a call from an unknown person, demanding a large ransom in return for Maharajah. The person also states that the ransom money must be brought to Paris, and fast. Once arrived, they find the kidnapper and chase him around the city in an attempt to rescue the groom. Once they finally catch the kidnapper, it’s not who the audience expects. 

“Murder Mystery 2” is rated PG-13, meaning it is enjoyable for ages 13+ and it has both a three out of five stars and 5.6 out of 10 rating on IMDb. This film also has excellent costume design, since it partially takes place at an Indian wedding, there are many beautifully designed traditional clothing items featured in “Murder Mystery 2.”

If looking for a simple, funny and suspenseful movie, then “Murder Mystery 2” is perfect. This film features comical and witty dialogue sure to make the viewer laugh. Aniston, Sandler, and all the actors do well in portraying the character they are playing, making the movie even more fun to watch. I would give it a three out of five star rating since it was a great film overall with talented acting and comical elements, but at times it is a little confusing, because it feels as though there are occasional gaps in the story. The plot is not too complex to follow despite the occasional gap, yet still keeps people engaged and leaves the viewer wondering what will happen next. I enjoyed watching this movie with all its twists and turns, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun film to see.

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